Young men dating older women-Female partner footing bills in relationships

Young men dating older women-Female partner footing bills in relationships


this is an unedited post from my facebook wall…

I’m just all heated up writing this…everywhere I go I see mature men looking for older women.I’ve seen a thousand and one
posts,of guys and girls asking rather self centered questions. Hello
sir,a relationship is bi-lateral…not unilateral..if you can not say  ” I want to marry her ” then forget it.I see people post
preposterous questions born off their illusions..questions in the
order of these “she bought me an iphone 6,sponsored our wedding,took
me abroad,she asked me out,she built our house”…and the sameless boy
or thing would end up by asking “Do such girls exist?”…
First to answer the question,”yes they do…I’ve dated extremely
beautiful girls,classy and sleeky and would not ask me a kobo,and are
willing to give to me,(I dont collect stuffs from
girls,halleluyah)..even after break up,they’re still on my facebook
list,we chat every now and then…we call…etc……now back to
you,why on earth would you go out hunting for such girls whom would
foot your bills,and then you wont even respect and value
them today we see younger guys dating older women..#GoldDiggers…go and work hard and smart;earn your money and
earn your respect in the process.waiting for a girl to buy you all
those things is the same as joining as joining a gang.Innoncent girls now go about searching one way or the other how to get a sugar daddy just because of your type…you not only sold
your respect,but your pride and dignity as a man(if you have)… And
worse of all,you’ve sold your soul #RememberEsau(many guys tolled his
line…DONT!)…its not a business where you earn rewards or dividends
,stop looking for girls that can foot your bills…”if you want an
angel,first build a heaven”..angels only reside in heaven not on this
dirty earth,so get to work…otherwise,manage your crappy
monicker…if you need classy girls,work the classy way,think the
classy way and the classy one will come..theres a law,its called the
law of nature..we public speakers call it “the law of attraction”…it
states “a person would attract to himself objects he constantly fixes
his mind upon,mixed with emotions and energy,be it positive or
negative” the kind of dirty mind you have would attract dirty and
filty partners to you…its a constant…..change yourself,and the
world would change for you…avoid what one of my masters summarizes
in one word “Mediocrity”…you’re more than that.

Believe-It Be-It… Live-It

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