Top 7 Passive income strategies anyone can earn from

Everyone already has access to the internet, and we pay internet bills monthly. It would be better -and everyone dreams of it if money can be earned online -without adding any task to the already tight daily schedules. This is why people seek extra income ideas -you should too. By the end of this write-up, […]

Highest Paying Home Business Ideas in Nigeria Currently

Do you want to take advantage of several home business ideas in Nigeria to earn more money for yourself? -I think everyone would want that. Making money on or offline using the numerous home business ideas in Nigeria has been the dream of many people, but only a few achieve it. One of the main […]

20+ Lucrative Small Scale Businesses in Nigeria

Do you want to improve your finance? If you’re tired of exhausting your salary before the middle of the next month, then setting up a small scale business in Nigeria (especially),may be the way to go. There is a great need to start a small scale business in Nigeria now, more than ever. And in […]

Best money saving apps for a better savings habit.

Money saving apps, I mean the best money saving apps can help you save as much as 1000% better every year. Growing up, many of us learnt how to save in clay pots, wooden boxes and some other forms of piggybanks. Money saving apps were not available back then. Only until recently did technology give […]

The One Thing That Can Make Your Major Goals Become a Reality This Year

A few weeks before the end of the year (last year), a friend of mine who I respect so much asked me a simple question, “Toby, apart from writing, is there any other thing you do to make money?” I said no. Then he asked me what I was doing to increase the number of […]

21 Books You Must Read Before Your 21st Birthday

Books are generally amazing –and there are books teens should read. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether 15 or 70, adolescent or adult, baby boomer, millennial or Generation Z, reading the right books can transform your life. Books are a medium of meeting and conversing with the dead and long gone. They help […]

What’s The Deal With Association Management Services?

Many professionals know there are companies out there that aid associations with important tasks, such as tracking donations or planning events. Yet few realize that what those companies are practicing is association management (AM). Let’s give the matter the attention it deserves once and for all. This article details what association management is, why it’s […]

Guest Posting is dead! Should I still do it?

Guest posting is dead! You heard me right. Well, you might reason with me after this post. Through the years, the biggest factor to rank high in Google SERP is backlinks, although there are many other factors (in fact running into 200 factors). But the toughest to work on, the hardest to do is back […]

How to get quick online loans in Nigeria without collateral in 5 minutes

Before now, it was impossible to get quick online loans in Nigeria. One has to go through those crude and sometimes those “crazy” money lenders in Nigeria or at the very best, go for the SME loans from banks like AB-microfinance bank, LAPO, etc. But times have changed. Getting personal loans in Nigeria is now […]

15 Easy High Income Skills to Bank $25k Easily

Have you ever heard of High income skills and wondered what they are, or thought they would be challenging to learn? These are skills to learn to make money and be indispensable. About 25% of jobs in the United States are at risk of being lost according to the Voice of America, and this is […]

How to Set Your Home Office Up for Maximum Productivity

Everyone wants to be more productive, this is tricky when you work at home, so you need a good home office setup to boost your productivity. We can’t change how many hours are in the day, and most of us will always need at least seven hours of sleep. As a result, often times the […]

How a Vacation Can Boost Your Productivity in One Weekend

Have you ever considered taking a vacation but couldn’t convince yourself to do so? Do you know what simple weekend getaway deals can do for your business or your job? It have been discovered that for every ten hours you spend on vacation, you’re boosting your productivity by 8%? Well, if you’re just getting to […]