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Six Qualities of a Top Quality Blog

Top Quality Blog

To set up a top quality blog is not difficult, once you know what is required of you. This is why when webmasters(who have been in the game of blogging) set up a new site, the site shoots straight up the rankings,(Alexa, Moz etc). This is so because these webmasters or bloggers knows what is expected of a quality blog, in case you don’t know, I’ll through the cause of this post give you my own idea of what is expected of a quality blog.
It is not enough knowing what is expected of you, there is much more, and it starts from doing what you know is right.
What are the top qualities of a quality blog? In the following paragraphs, I’ll let you know what I (and indeed most top webmasters) think a quality blog.

What is a top  quality blog made of?

1. Easy Navigation

There is no exchange for this. Once your blog does not have an easy user interface, and users are “hissing” and cursing themselves for visiting, your blog is very low in quality. No visitor will return to such a site even if your information is “too” relevant. Your blog design and theme plays a very vital role in this case, you must choose a beautiful and easy to navigate design and theme/template as the case may be.

2. User Experience

This is continuation of the previous, when your site has a good and easy navigation; you must consider your user experience. The difference between this and the number one above include ads, and some little things such as signing up forms, contact forms, Quotes, or other little details that makes your users not stress themselves. Some blogs are clogged up with ads, to others, it becomes a problem when the users want to contact the site owner or admin, this is part of the user experience am talking about. There is a need to make your site so easy that your users don’t go elsewhere or to any other page for any information, if there is a necessity to include the information on the page. Always ask, is there a way I’ll make life easier for the reader of this page?

3. Zero/poor Interlinking

This one is quite relative, but I have chosen to include it. A top blog will want to give all the information; hence they link to other pages having relevant information or pages where more on the topic can be found. It could be internal linking or external linking.

4. Insufficient Quality Content

When you start to starve your site of quality content or it has always lacked quality content, then there is a very big problem, your site is far from being a top quality site. You must understand what topic your site is centered around and be acquainted with the latest information and trend. Not just knowing these things, you must be ready to disseminate the information as at when due.

5. Keep Your Visitors

When you have a quality blog, you must have a mechanism in place to keep your visitors, whether it’s an email subscription link, a facebook fan page or a twitter handle to which visitors like or follow respectively and become regulars of the blog. This is highly important.

6. Make money

As I consider reviewing this post before publishing it, it occurred to me that owning or running a top and quality blog does not warrant running at a loss. You need a sort of reward to keep your flame of passion blazing, so you must consider a good means of monetization. Should you choose pay per click, Affiliate sales, rendering services, or just donations, the choice is yours and is dependent on your desired audience.

There you have it; these are my top areas of note when a top blog is considered. I would want you to share with me what your thoughts are regarding this. If there is any area I can help you, do let me know. I can also help you in the setup of a nice blog.
Over to you, what are your own top blog specs? What must a blog have to be a top blog to you, whatever your opinions, please do share with us using the comment area below.


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