The crime called “BEGGING”

The crime called “BEGGING”

Hello guys,how’s your day?…Today we’re going to examine “begging”
Straight to the point. Many people have by themselves belittled themselves because they have one time or the other begged,and have requested a person,people or group to help them achieve a purpose. This is a crime. Yes I see it as one. You don’t beg. someone once said “If you start begging young,you’ll die a beggar”…in my submission,I agree with this
There are many ways to request for a favour without looking “stupid” or whatever…hey! Am not saying you should be rude or proud. Am a Christian,and a strong one at that. Christ taught me through the bible not to be rude,arrogant or proud. He said “if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves….I’ll hear their prayer”…the keyword I want you to observe in that text in bold is HUMBLE…so am not preaching against the bible-dont get me wrong just yet.
Christ himself led by example by refusing to beg,when he was about to move into Nazareth,he requested his disciples to get him a cot which no man has rode upon…he told them,if anyone asked them they should say “the master needs it.
Did you get that?…now how do you request for something without begging?…you need to be tactical and you’ll get even more than you demanded for…and perhaps not expected to pay back(if borrowed)…here is what you’ll do in simple term…REQUEST to his/her SELF INTEREST…and not to his/her MERCY…don’t worry I’ll explain myself.
The truth is that I won’t give you the money to buy a car,except if you promise or guarantee me of my own benefit. Human beings were created “greedy” or have learnt greed overtime…we all want benefits or profits…so if you can convince him/her of his or her own benefit,you’ll get what you demanded or even more.
That how short the process is. If you start begging,you’ll look worthless and what more? You’ll continue begging…so the simple way forward is to appeal to his self interest…PERIOD!
Guard your integrity,avoid begging. Remember I’ve not asked you to be proud,arrogant or rude…just be smart and tactical. If you follow this,you’ll be surprised how much you’ll achieve effortlessly.   
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