The best time to quit

The best time to quit

give up

Someone asked a question on social media,and it got me thinking,perhaps I thought too much about it-maybe too little,but I thought about it anyway. He asked “is this the best time to quit”? When should I give up?

Definitely he must have attempted probably all possible measures known to him to achieve a purpose to no avail,and is now contemplating quitting He wants to give up. This situation is not unique to this young man alone but to the human race as a whole, whenever something good is on its way, what we see is the direct opposite of the ultimate result,hence we are tempted to quit, we want to give up .Now if you quit-you’d have succumbed to life’s trick(s),but if you persist and try every available means possible and remain disciplined and determined,then you learn about the various tricks played by the phenomenon called “LIFE”and ultimately you’ll learn one or two of the lessons it teaches.

One of the lessons life expects us to know at this time is that “whenever we have a positive thought,ambition and or aspiration, it(life)would first present us with the negative manifestations of that reality(usually proportional to our dream”…so our ability to handle the hard time of such reality would determine if we are ready to handle the success of our dream or not.

So in conclusion life is not wicked afterall, its just a teacher that teaches in the “university of hard knocks”…if you’re able to take many knocks and continue learning,you’ll graduate before you know it,but if you attempt to withdraw and give up because of its hardknock on you,you’ll just be hiding from the reality,because life only stops dealing with us when we stop breathing. So friends resolve not to quit.and my answer to that fellow is this “the best time to quit is in the grave-else NEVER EVER EVER QUIT” Dont you Ever give up. Just hang on a minute longer, and another minute longer….that’s exactly how I replied him.

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Don’t quit,though the journey seems tough,Dale Carnegie stated it plainly “tough times never last but tough people do”…if you’re tough life would bow to your genius,consider Thomas Edison who failed for about 9999 times,but still succeeded,remember Ben Carson,Nelson Mandela and others…NEVER EVER EVER QUIT. STAY SMART!


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