Talking too much

Talking too much

While some of us are men of few words, many others are not.Hence it has being seen as a gift which also can be learnt.
The saying goes talk is cheap but in my submission I beg to differ…and I think only a few would agree with me that talk is not cheap,because if talk is cheap then we can say and confess anything we have in mind,but this is no so as anything pronounced with the mouth is powerful and should be valuable.
Even the bible warns agains excess talk,when you talk excessively,the tendency to say dirty and stupid things increase and once these things are said,they cannot be to avoid this,one has to tame his/her tongue.
Have you ever wondered why kings,queens and royalties don’t talk too much?…its not pride or because they don’t have what to say.Its just because they understand this principle.The more you talk,the less you’re respected,the more common you look,and your value drops in geometric progression.
If you’re the kind of person who has a view to every issue,as beautiful as it is,on a scale of 1 to 10,about 7 should be kept to yourself.The more you talk the less your ideas are respected.
Let’s use the sun as a case study,when the sun shines for 3weeks in a row,every body gets used to it and soon starts to complain. After two days of rainfall,they’ll See the essence of the sun and soon starts wishing for the sun again…
That’s human. Too much circulation reduces value,but reduce the circulation of your voice and they’ll respect you.
Your duty is to make your voice golden,rare and scarce if you want to command power without stress.Once you’re voice is rare and scarce,whatever you say would be more of a dogmatic statement as it would not be disputed by anybody and this would bring you untold power and admiration by all.
if you can not make your presence to be as scarce as a diamond,then your voice should be.
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