Telling signs you’re suffering depression

Telling signs you’re suffering depression

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Depression in many parts of the world today is a case almost “Non-existent”. In most places, the issue of depression is always taken with zero seriousness. Understandably so, it’s a case like HIV, it does not show on the face or in the blood like malaria.

Many people die of depression in silent and when some visit the hospitals for a check-up, many of our doctors treat other sicknesses, a very few (and indeed a negligible few portions) look the path of depression when it comes up.

This post is not to cast blames or accusations on any group of persons or profession but to help individuals understand themselves better especially when they start suffering from depression. Just as this is not casting blames, it is neither encouraging self-diagnosis nor medication.

Once you start observing the under listed cases in your day to day life, you may have to visit a psychologist at least, to get the best possible help.


Depression is simply a “drop-in spirit or morale” since it means nearly the same thing in several contexts, from psychological to economical. In economics, depression is simply an economical slump, while in psychological context or psychiatry (by extension Medicine), it is “a state of mind producing serious, long term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize a happy future”, It is a period of unhappiness or low morale which lasts longer than several weeks and may include ideation of self-inflicted injury or suicide.

Depression is a serious state of mind in which those suffering from it require quick help, if unattended to, it leads to suicide. Ever seen or heard of a very healthy individual who just became isolated and committed suicide or just committed suicide for almost no known reason? Most of such cases are simply cases of depression.

A depressed person needs someone to always talk to and lean on. Never a time should he/she be left “depressed” in his depressed state. A depressed person may be among individuals and loved ones and still feel lonely, so his/her case needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency before it escalates and the worst starts to happen.

What are the cause

The causes of depression are quite numerous. Although this is not the purpose of this post, how do we talk about the signs of depression without knowing the causes? So I’ll make a list of some causes of depression here below.

Causes Of depression

  1. Death: Because depression is simply sadness, whatever causes sadness causes depression, and death is a very important factor to note.
  2. Abuse: Whenever a person is abused and he/she remembers this abuse, he feels depressed, and if he dwells on it, he might fall into chronic depression. This is another reason why it is advised that people who are Raped or intimately abused should see a health worker or psychologist or even a psychiatrist so as not to make the case worse later on.
  3. Certain Medications: When a patient is placed on some medications, He or she can become depressed.
  4. Conflict: should a person be faced with conflicts at home, office or school, he may become depressed over it and this is a very common cause.
  5. A loss: when a person loses something dear to him, this might be a cause of depression.
  6. Genetics: if you study the four basic temperaments, you’ll notice there is a particular temperament that always causes depression. A melancholy is always sad, and this is not but because of his gene. Several other genetic factors also cause depression.
  7. Personal Problems: when one is faced with problems, he believes are more than him, it always comes with depression. Although no problem faced by an individual is bigger than that individual, when these thoughts come, it makes them feel so very depressed.
  8. Serious illnesses, substance abuse, situation, and a seasonal factor, etc. are also causes of depressions

The list above is not exhaustive, (you may also share any you know with us in the comment area).

How Do you know if you’re showing  signs of depression?

The following are signs /or symptoms you are suffering or suffered from depression. I’ll list ten (10) possible ways to “self-detect” and once you realize you are in this situation, please do all you can to seek medical help.

Over the last two weeks (in the last 14 days) if you have noticed these, then waste no time further:

  1. In the last two weeks, you have lost interest or joy in the things you usually would have loved doing
  2. You have felt down, sad and helpless, in the last two weeks.
  3. You have had trouble falling asleep or you have slept too much
  4. You have felt too tired or have had little or no energy doing the usual things.
  5. You have had too little appetite or have been eating too much.
  6. You have felt too bad about yourself or felt like you are a failure, or that you have let yourself or your family down and critically destructively criticizing yourself.
  7. You have had trouble or a tough time concentrating on things like reading or watching the T.V.
  8. You have been moving or talking in a way that’s usually too slow or too fast, you’ve been talking or moving too fast, to the point that people may have observed and told you of the change.
  9. You have been too scared or at least more than normal or usual, you’ve shown how fidgety you can be, needlessly too.
  10. You have had thought(s) that you would be better off dead or that you should hurt yourself in a way or the other.
  11. Lack of self-love, you feel incredibly hopeless, helpless, worthlessness feels your soul and spirit, you feel so restless and you have not just been yourself for no just cause.
  12. You now contemplate suicide. You find no reason to live life anymore.

You might not feel all of these concurrently, however, if you feel between 60% to 70%, then I think you should seek help immediately. Your healthcare provider may recommend natural antidepressants like Tumeric and the likes, to help alleviate the issue.

Do not wait till you’re suicidal, it can get dangerous at that stage.

In case you have once been abused, or any of the factors listed above as the causes of depression applies to you, please seek help before it gets too late.


InspiredFully describes depression as a drop-in spirit and or morale, while psychologists describe Depression as it is “a state of mind producing serious, long term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize a happy future”, It is a period of unhappiness or low morale which lasts longer than several weeks and may include ideation of self-inflicted injury or suicide.

Anything that causes you pain can cause you depression

You might be depressed if you find out you no longer find joy doing the things you loved doing due to one sad event or the other.

What is your view of depression? What do you think of it? Tell us your take about depression. Have you ever been depressed or have you ever known anyone who has been depressed? Share with us using the comment section below, your comments are highly welcome and would be appreciated!


  1. I suffer from severe depression. I have various physical and mental disabilities that contribute to my depression and being sexually and mentally abused as a child were major contributing factors.

    • My goodness!!! am so sorry Dinnix for that, I hope and pray you get over it soon(if you haven’t). Although it really is difficult to handle,I urge you to find the courage to seek help and assistance where needed. Have fun and please do check back often.


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