Regrets: Six traits you might regret later

Regrets: Six traits you might regret later

Regrets are emotions you’d certainly not want to feel. There are many areas of your personal life that needs examination if you must avoid regrettable actions in the future. They might should to you as awkward or negligible,but these little things neglected becomes the bigger things tomorrow. So do well by scrutinizing your present life and make Amends where necessary.
 Lets us see the first of the regrettable actions that might make you wear a long face sometime in the future


1.Not keeping records of today with pictures or videos:- No condition is permanent,so the saying goes. They also say change is constant. If this is true and we know it is, then whatever your present state of place, understand that it won’t be forever. Things would definitely charge sooner or later,and one day you’ll feel nostalgic and too bad,no picture to see. You’ll feel bad and would regret not taking that photo. Yours faithfully has Experience those sad moments and would not want any of his friends to.

Twenty friends they say cannot play together for twenty years 

 So start keeping records of today for tomorrow. I know some people might have issues of been photogenic or not. But this is not about beautiful pictures or not, its about memories. And believe me, you’ll see those ”Ugly” photos and smile someday. Also,seeing your friends and loved one’s of the past can re-ignite your lost passion for something you lost spark for. Because you might have shared an idea or a dream with them and later lost passion for it. Mere seeing them,your desire might be charged up again. Keep Memories

2. Not defining yourself earlier in life:- it is a crime in the land of champions(which you are) not to have a definition of yourself. You take people’s idea of you to be yours. People’s opinion of you should remain their opinion,not your definition, decision or conclusion. If you subscribe to their definition of you,you’ll loose who you really are. You’ll even loose the ability f dying as a clone of your real self because there’ll be no more you,but their idea walking about as you. You have to be Unique.
 Being unique means people would see you as they want, but your success ultimately would shut them up. When people have problems with who you are,that’s their problem not yours.
 Define yourself,understand who you are and what you want. See what James Allen said

You are the master of your soul,the captain of your destiny-As a man thinketh

You have to realize yourself early enough and chase who you really are.

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3.Being too serious about the future,that you loose out on today:- I am not advising you to be a flibbertigibbet. However you have to realize that nobody has lived tomorrow but today. But my point is that people should not labour and forget that the reason they labour is to live a good life and give their family comfort. Some people have actually forgotten they have families,children,spouses,friends and so on who needs their attention,love and care. Remember it is your family and loved one’s you’ll need for companionship, your career,finance,job,ambitions are all great and deserves your attention but you need to strike a balance between them and your relationships.

all play and no work makes Jack a STUPID boy

4.Being Unserious with your purpose or your present Endeavor: – This might sound like a sharp contrast to the above,I of course talked against being too serious and now am talking about being unserious.Yes. Like I said you shouldn’t be a flibbertigibbet,however there must be a balance too.

 Work while you work and play while you play

Are You learning a vocation or attending classes for a professional exam, but you’re lackadaisical in your approach to learning. When last did you attend any seminar to improve your knowledge? Will you be prepared if there is an upgrade in your office or place of work,or if the requirements in your field is improved?
 Do you even have a backup for your present job? Do you know any vocation? Think with Me!!!

 All work and no play makes Jill a dull kid…

5. Being a Bad follower or a bad leader:- Leadership is simply influence. So you not be the elected leader of your organization, but you are leading from the middle in a negative way, influencing other followers negatively. You’re a bad follower,and it will come back to hunt you,because your time as elected leader would also experience obstacles. If you are the pronounced leader, do lead well too because the law of karma still exists and effective.Lead right and follow’ll be glad you did.

whatever you sow, even more of it shall you reap

6. Believing you know it all thereby making avoidable mistakes and errors:- do you see yourself as perfect? There is no island of knowledge anywhere in the world. So its high time you stopped looking as yourself as perfect. You must be ready to learn from every and anybody. Anyhow possible. These bits of knowledge gathered might be the same you’ll need later in life. Believing you know it all means those around you are not up to par with you,and when you need them,the will leave you in the lurch because according to your actions,they are not on your level.
 No matter how much you know,possess or earn, keep those around you because they are assets. Learn as wide as possible.

stoop down to conquer

 that’s it, in which of these are you defaulting? Do a reality check and improve where possible. Think with me!!!

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what have I left out. What do you think? Share with me. What do you think should be removed from that list and what should be added? Share using the comment box.

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