Exact Reason Why Mark Zuckerberg Dress in Jean and shirt

Why Mark Zuckerberg Dress in Jean

Facebook co-founder and CEO has been in the news lately, Majorly because of his visit to Africa, where locals frowned at CNN’s choice to generalize the visit and referred to it as a visit to “sub-sahara Africa” instead of Nigeria categorically. During the said visit which was partly to sensitize the nation on Express wifi and analyse the entrepreneurial skills on disposal, Zuckerberg stated that he would preferred to be called Mark, He visited the Nations president and Vice President in a Demo meet up for entrepreneurs, the Vice president asked why he was not in his usual Pair of Jean and grey shirt, and he stated it was an insult to the status of the president should he wear that to visit him. This further raised the question why Zuckerberg wears such simple wear despite been rated to have over $50b, according to Forbes.

Why does Mark Zuckerberg dress the way he does?

More than just the reason Mark gave as to why he dresses like that, that he just likes the style which gives him one less trouble in the selection of clothes and affords him more time in the thought of how to serve the global internet community better, there is more to why he dresses that way.

Silicon valley is the home of tech in the United States and there is a belief that most people who do business there break the conventional norm of dressing in Suit and tie, this belief originates from the idea that tech savvies do not have time for fashion, but Zuckerberg doesn’t operate with this in mind. Here is why he does dress like that.


Zuckerberg when on business meetings,(probably to sign contracts) use his style of dressing to pass a message. It is believed that Marks dressing passes the message that he is boss and does not need to dress in a way because an employer requires him to dress that way. He simply passes the message that he does not have a dress code he must obey because he wanted to please a boss, hence he can dress the way he likes.

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This goes to say (if true) that Mark Zuckerbergs dress style is inspired to show off rather than the popular thought that it’s to show simplicity.
Do you think Mark Intends to show off with his dress style or the popular belief of simplicity is true, share with us using the comment area below

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