leadership skill development: Five aspects of your life to manage as a...

leadership skill development: Five aspects of your life to manage as a leader

Friends,how are you doing today? I hope your leadership skills are improving daily. Either yes or no,this post is here to give you an insight on something important. We’ll look at the Five aspects of your life you must first manage as a leader. Many of us ask- what skills are needed to be a leader ? …Being a leader there are so many qualities required of you,even without you knowing. And a little default in any of these areas would not only tarnish your image but also reduce your leaders credentials.

This five aspects of your life to manage as a leader is very essential as it’ll send messages to the general public or organization showing your eligibility as the arrow head of the group or organization.
Without further ado, let’s get straight to the point and see the first personal virtue you must manage as a leader.

what skills are needed to be a leader ?…Five skills of you must manage personally as a leader
manage your emotions:-So now you think you are the group or team leader and you can’t proper manage your emotions right? You take decisions yet you can’t control yourself when you hear a critic talking about you? Do you throw up when you hear a bad news in circulation about you? If you’re a defaulter in any of these then you need to review how well you manage your emotions. We know its difficult hearing your assistant “destructively” criticizing you. But you need to handle it in the best way positively. Realize you’re a leader and people look up to you. You’re a mentor indirectly and should set a good example. The way you react to issues should be positive.
manage your time:-Okay we know your meeting starts at 4PM and you’re starting 10 minutes late,starting at 4:10,and you’ve given us a reason,”your members turned up rather late” nobody wants to hear that but you’ve said it anyways and we can’t kill you but why in Gods name are you closing the meeting 15 minutes later than time?. Your secretary has another appointment and so do that man and that lady. If you cannot manage your personal time then this is very likely to be your case often time as the team leader. Take time management lectures,read books on time management,discuss with people on the subject,get a “to do list” for yourself and above all,be discipline. Only discipline can make you decide and do the right thing at the right time.
manage your priorities:-Do you have a goal or you live life the way you see it. There’s every possibility you’ll lead the group the way you lead your life. Your personal life would manage your leadership activities. Get your purpose and write it on a paper. Arrange them in order of priority and set out to achieve them serially. Then watch the way you’ll lead your group to success just like you do personally.[]
manage your words:-What do you say to yourself when you’re alone? This would definitely affect what you say to your subjects. Being positive is like the sun,you can’t shield it from radiating. And when you’re negative about life,it would find it way out and we’ll know from your leadership style.
manage your personal life:-How would you relate with me when you meet me in an eatery? How would you answer that man asking for direction on the street? Do you pretend you’re happy but are not? How do you manage yourself when you’re not with your executives? How do you live your life when you’re not leading? How do you live your personal life? Positive, negative or indifferent. We’ll find out.it’ll show the way you lead us

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In conclusion, what all of the above means is that your personal life affects your leadership life and leadership activities a great deal. So to be a great leader, evaluate how you live your life. Go over the listed again and make amends where necessary. 
Now you have heard from me,tell me what you think.How do you see the issue being discussed?Don’t just go without leaving a comment.Let the learning process complete by leaving your thoughts

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