How to Apply for Scholarships: 7 Factors You Must Consider!

How to Apply for Scholarships: 7 Factors You Must Consider!

how to apply for scholarships

How to apply for scholarships using these tips. This post is in three parts,
1. Requirements for scholarship within your country
2. Requirements for scholarships abroad
3. List of scholarships abroad you should apply for.

At the end of this post, you will know the necessities before applying for a scholarship in any country of your choice whether in Europe or the Americas.
A lot of people fail to get their desired scholarship because of one error or the other, and many other get but cannot proceed because of one or two confusions in understanding the program, hence this post – to eliminate such confusion and furnish with the necessary information to get your desired scholarship.

Many people want to get a scholarship. Thousands search for how to apply for scholarships, but what are those things you need to know before proceeding? Come along!!!

Before you apply for Scholarships within your country

If you are interested in how to apply for scholarships within your country, (perhaps a financial grant, as an undergraduate), you must understand that the body giving out the scholarship might require a minimum CGPA from you, before you are granted. And then you might be expected to maintain a certain academic standard, measured by your CGPA, so as to make sure you are not complacent. Many people have lost out on their chances because they do not understand this, so they apply to a scholarship which demands a higher CGPA, and when they are left out, they feel dejected.

Applying for scholarships for study abroad

What are the requirements for the scholarships abroad? The following lines will inform you of things you must know to apply for scholarships abroad.

1. Know the country you desire/want to study in

Many scholarship agents are deceptive. They promise you using vague languages, so you won’t have a total understanding of what you are going into. You get the scholarship in a country you don’t like and eventually don’t go or get deported or you don’t enjoy your stay. Some will promise to transfer you to another country during the course. Make sure you are very sure of the country you are applying to, be sure of the nature of the program. For instance, If you are an international student applying for the king Saud university scholarship, you must know what is obtainable in Saudi Arabia – you must be prepared to learn and adapt.

2. Know their immigration requirements

You might have the desire to study and work. This is why you must understand the immigration laws of the nation you are aspiring to visit for your international scholarship(s). Some nations will permit you to work and school, others might have a flexible law, others are quite rigid, and so you must understand this before applying.

3. Know the Course

You must know the course you want and the language or medium in which it is taught (A few announcements for scholarships for college students do not disclose the language). You don’t want to go so deep in the preparations for your scholarship and then realize it is not thought in your preferred language. In some occasions, the student is given time(like a year) to learn the foreign language

4. Get real information

You must study the information yourself. If it’s a national scholarship, then you must go to the National Scholarship portal to obtain the necessary details. The National Scholarship portal should have the domain extension .edu (i.e. dot edu) and the nations domain name abbreviation (e.g .ng for Nigeria, .co.Uk signifies the United Kingdom). Do not just apply for scholarships and grants online on a wrong website.

5. Know what is required of the course

You shouldn’t just go ahead to apply for a scholarship if you haven’t first met the requirement. For instance, to study Law you must pass a certain subject in secondary school, to study any engineering course, you must pass and be good in math, for medicine or any of the medical courses, you must pass and love Biology and Chemistry. Before you apply for a scholarship know what you possess, and upgrade if need be.

6. Know if it’s a Generic or Particular

What I mean by that is for you to know if it is scholarships for Women, or scholarship for Nurses-for example. You should also check out if it is scholarships for international students, graduates or undergraduate.

7. Understand the financial requirements

Is it totally free or you are required to pay a percentage of the charges, or will you be given scholarship grants? These are facts you must understand.

8. Apply for your scholarship

Having satisfied all the above mention checks, it is now time for you to apply for your desired scholarship.

list of easy scholarships to apply for

I will enumerate a beautiful list of easy scholarships to apply for, do a little research to check if any of them catches your fancy. They are both local and scholarships for international students abroad.

1. Fulbright Foreign Student Program (USA) …
2. British Chevening Scholarships (UK) …
3. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships (Switzerland) …
4. Swedish Scholarships for International Students (Sweden) …
5. VLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarships (Belgium) …
6. New Zealand Development Scholarships (New Zealand)
7. Macquarie Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships
8. king Saud university scholarship
9. IOE Centenary Masters Scholarships
10. Transform Together Scholarships for International and European Union (non-UK) Students


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    • I’m sorry, I might not have that information. I only posted tips with which you can’t go wrong in any application you choose. But from my experience, there might not be scholarships for undergraduates in their first year, but you have a list to choose from from 200 level.

      I hope this helps.


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