how greed helps money building -greed is good

how greed helps money building -greed is good

what greed really is

Greed to many people has been a virtue to be harbored. Whenever one is called greedy or seen to be greedy, he automatically is tagged bad, at least to some extent.
Today, am going to expose you to what I think greed is. How really I see greed. Personally when I think about greed, I think about it in the order of the action of the person I question. I ask myself some questions. I try to understand why the action was performed and the repercussion.
Conventionally, we relate greed to money and money matters alone. But I see it more than that. Greed is everywhere. Wait a minute, what is greed? Alright, I will tell you. What greed really is.
MY DICTIONARY CALLS GREED  “A STRONG  SELFISH DESIRE FOR SOMETHING” … but      I’ve struck off that word “selfish”…and read on I’ll tell you why, so here’s my definition of greed

Greed is a desire, a strong desire for something.

So when next you admire that car, wristwatch, mobile phone, property et al, why don’t you see yourself as greedy. Ha¬-ha, you’re not greedy right? But you want and desire it for yourself and that’s SELFISH, hence GREED. It’ll be recalled I struck off the word selfish from the dictionary meaning of greed because the purpose of human achievements  is hinged around selfishness. Why do you work? Why did you attend college or University, why did you pay so heavily for that property? You did all of these to satisfy your self, that’s been selfish, because you didn’t do it for me or your neighbor. Isn’t that greed?
So why did I say in the topic that you need greed? Its simple. If you must achieve financial success, you must be greedy. Everybody who’s a millionaire today are so because they were and are greedy. Robert Kiyosaki even stated this briefly in his book “rich dad poor dad”.
                                                     GREED IS GOOD
Yes greed is good, but becomes bad if expressed the wrong way. And that means there is a way greed should be expressed. Express it with everybody in mind … alright, this is what I mean…here’s Paul for example he wants to be rich and he’s greedy too. He says “I want to be the world richest man, own many slaves and many servants” –that’s negative… but here’s Peter also greedy but quite different from Paul, and he says “I want to be the richest in the world, I want to circulate funds, establish companies and create jobs” –that’s positive.
Every human being is greedy, but the difference is in how we manifest our greed. You are either positively greedy or negatively greedy. And to be financially satisfied, greed is compulsory albeit positive because if you exhibit negative greed, you’ll be hurt. Also remember that desire in actual sense is greed.
How do you see greed?..In support or not, let  me hear you speak using the comment box 

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