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    Steven Justice

    Fantastic write up Mr Ibitade, you killed it again. Honestly I couldn’t have agreed more with you on that. I sincerely share your views and observations quite a lot. I have to because I am a potential Billionaire my self and I understand that the first step is to develop a mental state so I can think and begin to do things in the line of wealthy men.
    Once again I appreciate your research and observations. However, there is one habit of billionaires that I found missing on your list that is “giving”. Most people think that by withholding much they get richer but opposite is usually the case. Some folks will tell you that they don’t have that is why they don’t give but the truth is this, they don’t give that is why they lack. The importance of charity in the accumulation of wealth can not be overemphasized. And the truly rich do it lavishly. The Bible says, the measure you give is the measure you receive.
    The richest man in the world has the biggest charity organization in the world.

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      Bisco Ibitade

      Of course I agree with you. The rich are there because they give, one way or the other. Its no mistake the richest man has the biggest charity organisation, and I’ve always being an advocate of giving your way to wealth, I even have a post in it here. Thank you Mr Justice for this amazing comment. Have a nice day.


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