Daily Success Habits of Billionaires

Daily Success Habits of Billionaires

Habits of billionaires

In the last couple of days, I have been disturbed repeatedly with the thoughts and habits of billionaires, how they achieved that status, sustain it and the likes, to this end, I’ve embarked on a study of the billionaires I know. Prior to now, I’m fascinated when I see anybody in the billionaire list talk, or when I see any quote from them.

They say you are like those you listen to, or if you want to be like someone, listen to him(or her), so financially, I listen to the billionaires, From Bill Gates, to Aliko Dangote to Warren Buffet, Jack Ma, Richard Branson etc. I follow these guys on twitter and Google plus where they are found mostly, and its true most of them are not active on social media, and yes, I follow their handles anyway.

History is replete. By mere repeating actions and habits of people, we become like them. The Idea of Christianity (or religion generally) is somewhat based on this phenomenon. Those who repeated the lifestyle of Christ were called Christians, they became like him. If you repeat the lifestyle and habits of billionaires, you’ll become like them and that is the purpose of this write up, to show you what billionaires do differently so you can start today to do them.

History is replete. By mere repeating actions and habits of people, we become like them

These habits of billionaires would not cost you more than 20% of the day to practice, upholding the 20/80 principle, which says 20% of our daily inputs warrants for 80% of the results. If you take your time to make just 20% of your daily tasks more productive, the overall result is sure to be outstanding.
Nothing happens by mistake, but by conscious or sub conscious effort a lot will happen over time. The little things we do have long term effects on our lives and our finance is not an exception. What are those little things billionaires do so differently? You’ll be amazed how simple they are yet you’ve been ignoring them, little wonder the wish to become a billionaire is still a wish.

20% of our daily inputs warrants for 80% of the results

Effective habits of Billionaires

I have studied lives of billionaires, because I want to be one myself, and the report below are part of my conclusions about these group of people who are quite few in number considering the population of the world.

1. Billionaires study

I’m sorry to break your heart with my first point. Being a billionaire leaves no chance to being naïve, you have to know what you’re doing and only knowledge guarantees that. It has been established that it is one of the  habits of billionaires to read at least two books weekly(at least), Donald Trump reportedly reads at least a book daily, that is a whooping 30 books monthly, 365 yearly, (now I think that is out of this world), why won’t he make informed decisions and take calculated risks, remember history is replete. By study, I don’t mean studying Maths or Chemistry, I mean Books on self development, career, leadership, business and success.

2. Billionaires take risks

Now there is a twist, while every writer will tell you to take risks, I won’t. I would tell you to take “calculated risks”. There is a difference between just any risk and calculated risks. When you take just any risk, you’re not sure of the outcome, but when it’s calculated, you don’t do it often, and you know it’ll come out good, and when it doesn’t, you remember there is a risk attached to that word calculated. People often mistake risk taking to be just anything, this is why billionaires study. They make informed decisions, when they guess, it’s an informed guess, because they dedicated time to studying.

3. Billionaires think differently

To you, it’s a hot day, the ozone layer is depleting, Christians’ think its end time (the world is going to an end), the government think its global warming, a billionaire think it’s a business opportunity. He thinks he can start a mobile kiosk that would move soft and iced drinks to public places, he brands it and sells it to the public, solving a problem and putting millions in his pocket, 400 years later, the world hasn’t ended, millions have been made.
If you must be a billionaire, you must start thinking differently, solving problems and start monetizing your ability.

4. Billionaires save time instead of money

You think these guys don’t know it is expensive to maintain a private jet? Of course they do, being a billionaire hasn’t made them to lose their reasoning faculty, it helped them to better it. One of the reasons most billionaires owns a private jet is because time is not only precious to them, it is priceless too. No amount is too big to save time. Instead of travelling by land for 8 hours, a billionaire would travel by air for one hour and save seven hours, he uses the seven hours to learn about his next investment (maybe one hour), sign documents(maybe for another one hour), attend one more meeting(probably for four hours), and spends the last of the seven hours to cover up for a protracted event, maybe more minutes in the meeting etc.
They employ people to do house chores, you might say, it won’t take me eternity to mow my lawn and wash the car, but that two hours it’ll take you is not to be compared with what you’d achieve financially if you invested the time, lets calculate:

You: spend 1 hour to wash your car every day, which is 30 hours per month
A billionaire: Pay a car wash $10 to do this which is $10 multiplied by 30 days=$300
You save $300, the Billionaire saved 1day and 6 hours

An hour and thirty minutes to cut the flower on Saturdays, this is six hours in a month.
A billionaire pays $25 or even $30 to get this done and pays $120 at the end of the month.
You save $120, the billionaire saved ¼ of a day.

In the end, those who save money saved $420 at the end of the month, the billionaire saved one day and twelve hours, a business plan carefully studied for such a time (or 24 hours) can almost not fail. The reward would definitely be in multiples of that $420 which the money saver saved. Worst of it all, when you start saving money instead of time, you start losing more money because time is money. Time is Life. Time is that thing which we convert to money. Money lost can always be regained, but time lost can never be regained, Period!

5. Billionaires Don’t live within their means, they expand their means

In continuation from the previous, you want to say you can’t afford an extra $420 in a month, that’s why you work to save it, and you cap your reason up with “I’m living within my means”, well, that’s why you are not a billionaire just yet, by living within your means, you keep sending the body vibration to the ether that you don’t want to be a billionaire, you keep telling it that at best, a million dollar is just okay by you. The way out is for you to expand your means. Get a double or triple source of income. Billionaires don’t rely on one source of income, they have multiple streams of income. Go and do that NOW!

6. Eat less(Quantity)

Finally on my list, mere seeing this, I know many people would have gotten broken hearted, In their head right now is the thought-“reduce my food? Hell NO”! Then stay broke, it’s as simple as that. When you eat too much you are heavy and are sluggish. Getting more done requires being active always. The poor work for food, they live to eat while the rich(billionaires) eat to live. I noticed the rich eat less than the average person(in quantity). The more money one has, I figured, the less he eats.

The poor work for food, they live to eat while the rich(billionaires) eat to live

This is not the end to my study of billionaires and their lifestyle. I would share more as time progresses; you should follow our facebook page or twittter to get updated. I know many if not all of this blog readers want to be a billionaire one day. I enjoin you to improve on your lifestyle and move faster to your financial dream You can also add your findings on the habits of billionaires you have discovered.
I would definitely like to hear from you on this, don’t go without dropping a comment on this, let’s hear from you, NOW SHOOT!


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  1. Fantastic write up Mr Ibitade, you killed it again. Honestly I couldn’t have agreed more with you on that. I sincerely share your views and observations quite a lot. I have to because I am a potential Billionaire my self and I understand that the first step is to develop a mental state so I can think and begin to do things in the line of wealthy men.
    Once again I appreciate your research and observations. However, there is one habit of billionaires that I found missing on your list that is “giving”. Most people think that by withholding much they get richer but opposite is usually the case. Some folks will tell you that they don’t have that is why they don’t give but the truth is this, they don’t give that is why they lack. The importance of charity in the accumulation of wealth can not be overemphasized. And the truly rich do it lavishly. The Bible says, the measure you give is the measure you receive.
    The richest man in the world has the biggest charity organization in the world.


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