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How Guest posting improves your blogging journey

Guest posting

Guest posting is simply posting on blogs not owned by you. You share your ideas, and this has been a good practice for a long period of time now. How does guest posting affect your blog? You’ll get to know at the end of this post and you’ll decide if you’ll start guest posting or not.

Before you guest post, make sure you look out for the following qualities

1. The Quality of the blog must be satisfactory
2. The blog must be getting satisfactory traffic
3. The blog owner must be willing to give you a do follow link for your hard work
4. You should already have good posts on your blog, because it makes no sense giving your top and best posts to other blogs while your blog languish in dire need of a good posts
5. You should be ready to comment on the blog you guest post on, the blog owners mostly demands this before accepting, and it helps in building a good relationship with the new audience.

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10 Reasons Why You Must Start guest posting

There are many good reasons why you must guest post on blogs, and these blogs must be blogs surrounding your niche else they might not have top quality SEO impart on your blog and SEO pursuit. Why should you guest post?

1. It is the best Method for Link building: You want your blog to start showing up on search engine result pages(SERP)? Then you must have a lot of sites linking to you(this is just one of the many factors, but to me, it’s the hardest). So you must start that process today, start guest posting and getting sites linking to you.

2. You decide where you get links from: if you want a link from forbes for instance, all you need do is to guest post for them and ask for a link back, that’s all(although it’s not as simple as it sounds), but basically that’s all it entails. You might not be satisfied with the blogs linking back to your posts, so with guest posting you decide where your links are from.

3. You Decide what kind of link you get: When you read about link building, many writers would tell you to get links, most won’t tell you of the kind of link you should get, there are two types of links if you don’t know,-DoFOllow and NoFOllow, with guest posting you discuss with the blog owner which type of link you’d be getting. If it’s a no follow link, then you must run(unless you are guest posting only for traffic and exposure), but if you are doing it for SEO purposes then you must ask for a Do Follow backlink and keep a watch on it in the case the blog owner changes it. People might opt for blog commenting as their method of link building, but what if those blog only have a no follow comment system(and of course almost all blogs have stopped their comment systems from giving do follow backlinks)

4. You build a relationship with the other blog(s): When you guest post on my blog, I might consider doing same on yours. We automatically have an understanding and this is very good for business. Networking gets you forward faster you know!

5. You expose your blog to a new audience: If you guest post on a blog and the post is amazing, the blog readers are going to read it, and if they like it a whole lot of them would be willing to visit your blog and read what you have on your own blog.

6. You get new subscribers: If I visit your blog, and you offer quality, the next thing I’ll do is to subscribe to get such top quality posts again when they are produced.

7. You get new clients: If you render services, you can get new clients by the reason of the guest posts alone. I do get people make offers when I guest post especially on tech sites. Many of the readers would want me to render my services to them and this is a way of making money for a blogger like me.

8. It is a form of SOLO ad: what is a solo ad? A solo ad is a form of advertising where for instance as a tech blogger, I have a post to promote, I’ll promote it to the subscribers of another tech blog. So you get targeted audience who are more likely to respond to what you are offering

9. You get targeted traffic: remember you guest post on a related blog only, and by so doing, you would get the kind of traffic your blog requires which would also help you in SEO because it would reduce your bounce rate, get you comment and shares which makes the numbers of what major search engines watch out for in ranking.

10. It is effective still.
These and more are the reasons why you must be guest posting and start today too.

Outreachmama has a list of great guestposting sites

Over to you, what are your reasons for guest posting or what are your reasons for not if you don’t, do you think it helps in SEO and do you accept or have guest posts? Share whatever you think using the comment area below.



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  1. Educative write up. Nice blog too. Have just bookmark this blog for future use. Thanks for the post, that’s just what I needed but I feel like is not yet time to start guest blogging. Maybe i should think otherwise.

    • Of course you should think otherwise, When you start guest posting you determine everything, including the quality needed, you’re open up to new audience amongst others. Enjoy yourself and thanks for the bookmark, do visit again and again.


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