Four ways to make a tough decision a piece of cake

Four ways to make a tough decision a piece of cake


 Many times in our live we have been faced with the challenge of taking a tough decision or two. We’re apt to make the wrong decision if we don’t have the right understanding of how tough, difficult of hard decisions are to be made.
Believe me, most of these decisions are not as hard to make as they seem, once the right questions are asked and answered appropriately.[you might like:-ways to happiness,dont make these mistake in pursuit of happiness]
In this post I am going to expose us to the secrets of decision making. These secrets have been used by exceptional individuals who have left an indelible mark in the sands of time. These four questions must be asked frequently and before you know it, it’ll become a part of you, consequently tough decision making would become a stroll in the park for you.

Four ways  to make a tough decision a piece of cake

You have to ask yourself these four questions to make or take the right decision

1.    What is the best result if I did this?: let us start from the best. If you took that decision, what would be the best possible outcome. Score on a scale of one to ten. When positive enough, you know what to do.
2.    What is the best result if I don’t?: just like there is a best result upon your embarking on that journey, there also can be a best result when you don’t do it.ask yourself and like the first, score yourself on a scale of one to ten.
3.    What is the worst result if I did this?: now if you did this, what is the worst result?  You also have to know this as it would aid your decision making.
4.    What is the worst if I didn’t?: if you didn’t do it this way what is the consequence? You know this and you’re 95% through that tough decision.
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Upon your realization of these facts, after they have been answered , you can  now take the initiative. Here is a summary of the four steps mentioned above:- A surgeon knows if he don’t perform a tricky procedure the patient would die…he also knows that the worst result of performing the procedure is death so he’ll go ahead to the operating room; at least he has a chance. So you need to ask these questions and answer them. And score on a scale of one to ten


After these decisions have been taking, score them. A seven and above is perfect,don’t think twice, go for it. A four to six needs careful  thought before embarking  upon it. A two and three is risky.(yes, risks are worth taking)…only to be taken if you are brave…but a zero to one?  I haven’t thought about that,tell me what you think of it in the comment box.

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