Five things you must learn this year

Five things you must learn this year

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Hello,how are you doing. At this moment,we’re going to discuss the five most important aspects of life we must learn,improve or develop for a successful 2014.
A year as long as it seems is just 365 days,and once a day pass by,its short of one day.and before you know it,you’ll end up living 300 days and you ask yourself “what have I achieved”,not being a rhetoric question, the answer would be “nothing” because at the beginning of the year there was no clear cut vision to direct you.
To avoid this,I’ve decided to write this post.And if you follow it to the letter,you’ll smile at the end of the year.

Five things you must learn this year
Time Management:-You have to learn how to manage your time, you don’t just live as you feel or see life. Develop a style to keep your time in proper check. Where you go to daily, how long you spend in front of the TV, how often you hangout with the guys, how much time you spend discussing with the ladies. All of this affect in great deal how much you’ll achieve at the end of the day.
Develop a To-do list. This list should be a monthly,weekly and daily list. The monthly list should be broken down to weeks and the weekly list further sub-divided into days,and you should make sure you’re discipline enough to follow this list. Also read books on time management as this would be of inestimable value(you should also follow this blog,as we’ll talk about time management as time goes on)
Vocation:-You must as a matter of fact learn a vocation this year if you want to be free financially,and if you want to do it LEGALLY. There are so many in the list of what you can learn from.Barbing,sewing,phone repair,blogging(contact me for this)freelance writing,computer repair, make up, small chops, catering (common guys,I can’t tell you all I know,do a research yourselfsmiling).
Learn anything you find interest in and can do.In any of these one day you’ll need it dearly and who knows,it might be a big source of income.(I’ve not advised you to quit your education if you’re still in school are intending)
financial wisdom:-You can’t keep earning and squandering your hard earned money.Robert Kiyosaki calls it the rat race. You have to do all in your power to avoid this.Once you know how to avoid the rat race,once you know how to spend you’ll have plenty in store for yourself and by December 2014 you’ll look back and smile at your financial success.
Read books that will teach you more about money and how it works,visit sites and blogs(you can trust your one and only we’re dedicated to this). Just keep learning. No man is good enough to stop learning about money.Learn financially.Invest.this is the soul of financial freedom.If you don’t invest,you’ll not have much to save after all you’re expenses. All the rich people you know are investors in one or more places.
Giving:-Believe me,if you don’t give you can’t live in plenty,you can’t be fulfilled. Moreover giving benefits the giver more than the receiver. Even the bible says “its more blessed to give than to receive”. In giving you’re only requesting for more of what you’ve given.

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the poor wait to get before they give-but the rich give,then wait to get
Like the rich,you give and wait to receive. While giving you don’t do it to broadcast it. Do it silently,nobody knowing what you’re doing if you want to get your full reward.Think of a rich man,I’ll tell you why he’s…they all have foundations..Bill Gates,Warren Buffet,Dangote etc…
Giving is the soul of plenty.learn it today.
God:-That’s all there is to say,If you don’t have God,then I wonder how you want all this to work.Repent and surrender to him…he’ll help you more than you can help yourself.
If you follow all this prayerfully,there’s little or nothing that can stop you by Gods unfailing grace.

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