Five crazy things you must review this year!

Five crazy things you must review this year!


Hello friends,how are you doing today?. Today,we’re going to observe five easy to overlook aspects of our life. Yes I said easy to overlook because many of us see it as unimportant as one time or the other.
Five crazy things you should review this year.Ofcourse after reviewing them,you make a decision either to continue,quit,or amend. At one time or the other either past,present or future you’ll see how any of these can affect your relationship with people,family and friends.

»»»1.Your hairstyle:- Many of us are very passionate about our hairdo. We go extra miles just to make our hair look good,and why not? When you have a beautiful hairstyle,it improves your look.
Your duty is to determine your work or school environment so you’ll have a style that’ll fit into it. Inasmuch as a nice style looks good on you,you have to make sure its responsible enough.People see your physical appearance before they even say a word to you. So you have to review your style,make sure it defines you. You’ll pass a wrong message to me if I see a wrong hairstyle on you on meeting you on the first time.

»»»2.Your clothing:- Are you fond of wearing what you love in place of what is right? It’s high time you stopped that. Your occasion or outing should determine what you’ll wear. And on casual occasions,you should be unpredictable. Don’t dress in what I call “informal uniform”. You should diversify.This would make the people look out to meeting you again the next time the need arises and certainly,you won’t be found wanting.
»»»3.Your body cream,roll on etc.:- If you’re into cosmetics,then this is for you.If you’re not,you need it too because you definitely need a cream at one point or the other.
You should try to discern if your cream is a bleaching cream and quit it if you don’t do bleaching.Don’t wait until you exhaust one bottle before you stop.The harm might be done already before you know it.Your perfume should smell nice,don’t buy cheap products that have poor smell just because they are cheap,rather buy one you love the smell and not because of the price.Your roll on and others not exempted.

»»»4.Your lifestyle:- Do you keep late night?,this is the time to decide if you’ll continue or quit, do you talk too much?. You go late to meetings,church service?or what do you do?. Definitely you need amends. Review this and you’ll be happy..
»»» 5.Your attitude:-what kind of a person are you?…do you answer questions with questions? Do you get angry at the slightest mistake? are you abusive?(com’mon,you know the rest,I aint gona tell you all what you do.) all I know is that you must as a matter of fact scrutinize them and improve. You don’t want to remain at a point or stagnant.
You have seen my top 5 list of what you need to review and improve? All of all this might look small to you,but until you’re applauded or criticized for not doing the right thing.

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