Enlarge your sphere of influence: get power by mere courting attention

Enlarge your sphere of influence: get power by mere courting attention


sphere of influence and courting attention

Want to enlarge your sphere of influence? desire untold power? then sit back and see how to get started.

Everybody wants power, I don’t think you are excluded for any reason. Think about it, why do you think rich and influential men go into politics, campaign and lose, at the time of another election, they attempt again, and again and again. The reason is not farfetched. Power. The want power, we all want to be influential and call the shots.

Where does power begin from? Where does it start? If you want to lead, you don’t have to be the president of an organization or nation all you need is learn the simple principle. The principle of real leadership.
True and effective leadership starts from here, INFLUENCE! You’ve got to learn how to influence and that’s what makes you a leader, that’s what makes you powerful and a master at what you do.
Before you start influencing your group, your colleagues or whoever your target is, you need something. You can’t start just like that. The main ingredient isn’t in the soup yet, so no one would submit to you(actually, nobody does-they’re only mesmerized and get themselves lost in the euphoria of your person, that’s why people revolt against a leader they once loved).
What is this thing that makes you a leader without been elected, its influence. Then before you start being influential what’s the most important thing needed? ATTENTION! Yes A-T-T-E-N-T-I-O-N. that’s it, no matter what you want, no matter who you are, if you don’t get the attention of people, you’ll be doing it in vain.

There are so many good footballers in the grassroots’, but because there is no attention on them their effort is always futile. Many so called celebrities get into the news for stupid reasons, but I tell you the truth, they paid for the publicity-just to get the attention of the general public.
To become that powerful and influential figure you crave, you must court attention.
What is not seen does not exist
You must learn to get into the minds of people, keep your hands clean but make sure people keep ypu in their hearts. Do controversial things, make controversial statements, this will win you followers and critics at this time, next time you make a controversial statement, some of those who supported you would now criticize you, vice versa.

Controversial statements will always make people think of you, one way or the other, either in support or against you. This way, you’ll always have their attention on you.
Apart from being controversial, you can think of things that are crazy, do crazy unexpected things that would make people marvel and by so doing, they’ll also have you in their minds.

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This is a strategy to be powerful; I hope you’ll get an idea or two from this.

Over to you. What do you think? Do you think this strategy would work for you in your location or locality? Do you think you’ll need to modify it before you can use it? Share whatever your thoughts are with us using the comment box below….

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