Hello, thank you for visiting this page, I’m Bisco Ibitade, I’m an entrepreneur, geek and success coach. As part of my desires to help people succeed in their business, I found InspiredFully, Here I teach well researched and proven techniques to help every individual develop their self and become better people.

where to get blog consulting services
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As a geek, I render blogging services and advice. IF you plan on increasing your blog revenue, reach, brand awareness, Want to learn blogging, SEO, and the very many best blogging practices, I render the services.  You can hit me via my social media platforms and I’ll respond to you in few hours (sometimes, just minutes.)

Services I render include but not limited to:

Facebook ads and optimization

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Blogging tutorials

Blog design and redesign

Blog monetization

Adsense related issues.

Sourcing for Targeted Traffic

Page speed up

Twitter handle publicity and population

Coaching on any of the above mention in your seminar, youth conference or camp, or any other gathering where tech, blogging, entrepreneurship etc will be discussed.


As a Life coach too, you can invite me to speak in your event, seminar, conference, youth meeting, annual meeting etc. My goal is to see more and more people free from self limiting beliefs and lifestyles, and I try to make my message come across to individuals through careful study and analysis of the subject matter in a thought provoking approach. I talk on Business, Career and Career Success, growth, Leadership, power etc.

I hope to get your invite soon,

Bisco Ibitade,