Where is the Barcelona in you? Belief and the four lessons you...

Where is the Barcelona in you? Belief and the four lessons you must learn from Barca!

Champions league greatest comeback

The Champions league greatest comeback is not an easy feat. At the end of this post, you will learn how your mind can trick your opponent and give you what you desire, how your mind is just all you need to educate to be a success. Do not be tempted to quit this post because it sights example using football, it is only a way to drive home the point, there is no better way to pass my message at the moment other than this.

As I write this, the footballing world has gone crazy. Understandably so, there is celebrations of the greatest comeback in the history of the Champions league(the most celebrated footballing competition after the world cup).

No team has ever overturned a 4 goal deficit from the first leg, yet this is the reality, as Barcelona must overturn the very same score line to navigate past the round of sixteen.If barcelona does it, then they have achieved Champions league greatest comeback. It was crazy to explain to people that it is possible, you’ll appear to them as stupid. Even though they all held the belief that in football anything is possible, they just will not give Barca a chance, after all it had never been done.

I must admit, it was somewhat hard for me to admit will do it(Did I even?), however, I knew for sure Barca would win(but not so sure they would qualify), but would PSG not get a goal to kill the game off? Only one goal from PSG was needed to make the battle a more herculean task. Everybody talked that since PSG could win the first leg by a wide margin, they won’t come to the second leg to be just passengers.

Here is the rule

1. Barca must score four goals to force extra time,
2. For a straight victory, barca must score five goals un-replied
3. For every one goal PSG scored, Barca needs two more, (i.e 5:0, 6:1, 7:2, etc) anything less, PSG progresses.

Reality check

Its 88 minutes(of the allotted 90 minutes + extra time) and the score is 4:1, how can Barcelona score 2 goals? Everything seem over.
Here are the lessons you must learn from the greatest comeback in the history of the champions league

Life lessons from The Champions league greatest comeback

It is no news football is applicable to life, and this lessons only further proves that point.

1. Desire

I cannot state this enough, desire is the starting point of every success. Once you desire something, there is little that can stop you, even when what you desire doesn’t seem to be on the cards, there is a way things will scatter to rearrange just to make sure your desire is met, its beyond the physical what the spirit of desire can do.

desire is the starting point of every success

2. Believe

what is your desire if you don’t believe you can? Belief is the next in the ingredients of success, in some quarters they call it faith, and as it was written in one of my posts, Desire backed by faith knows no such thing as impossible. If you believe it, there is nothing stopping you, though it may seem impossible, it is only a test of faith, a test of character and how much of magic your belief can and is willing to pull off.

3. Never kill the fighting spirit

At this stage, your intellect is going to be the one distracting and deceiving you. If you persisted from the first and second stage, and the ether(metaphysical universe) has seen that your desire outclasses it, your belief – unquenchable, it’ll use your own mind to attack you, this is the strongest. Once you win the “self battle”, you’ve won the greatest battle. If yourself defeats you, who can redeem you? No one!

A lot of reasons to give up will arise, and right reasons at that. But hey! Never ever, ever give up. It was 90 minutes already, the 5 minutes extra given was almost exhausted, only a few seconds left, yet these guys still kept the fighting spirit alive. At some point, the fighting spirit is all you have. The fighting spirit in Barcelona has helped them achieve Champions league greatest comeback.

Once you win the “self battle”, you’ve won the greatest battle

4. Fight

What do you do with the fighting spirit you have? Use it, Fight. Fight, fight and fight, until you win, the battle is not over. It is widely believed, it’s not over until it is over, but I believe it is not over until you win.

5. Luck?

N0 such thing, during that game, some officiating might have gone in the way of Barcelona, many believe this is cheating, don’t believe that. In the game of life, if you exhibit the above 4 rules, some things will unduly go in your favour, Christians call it grace, I suppose whatever you call it is right, but not Cheating, neither is it luck. You had it because you have given something. And for your desire to come to pass, sometimes, something must go wrong for your opponents. If they have succumbed, they won’t have completed the Champions league greatest comeback

Here are five lessons the greatest comeback in the history of champions league has to teach. Barcelona qualified, 6 goals to 1, and it was incredible. The last goal came at the very death.

Over to you

Did you see that game? What do you think of the Champions league greatest comeback. Do you think these lessons applies to life and can you apply them if they do? Share with us using the comment area below.


    • This win can propel them all the way, as it did Chelsea in the 2011/2012 season, when Chelsea over turn a first leg 3-1 deficit against Napoli.

      Thanks for coming!


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