Before you make that statement. The four way test

Before you make that statement. The four way test

Words are like eggs. Drop them and they’re broken. Never to be recovered, forever! But they have more effects than just vibrating the ear drums. It affects the psyche, either positively or negatively. And the purpose of this post is to make you understand which effect your words are having on the people around you.
There are four questions you need to keep their answers in your mind at all time. And we will dissect these in the course of this post, albeit briefly.

talking to get yourself in trouble

1. Of what good to myself is what am about to say? If what you want to say does not have any positive effect on you the speaker, then perhaps you need not say it. What you say definitely have one effect or two on you yourself. So check it, does it have any positive impact on you?

2. What negative effect is what am about to say going to have on me? If what you are about to say does not have a positive effect on you, definitely it would have a negative effect on you, and you should know to what extent its’ going to harm you. I suppose by now, you should know that whatever you say to yourself repeatedly, your mind believes-even if you lie to yourself, your mind starts believing it as true.

3. Of what good is what am about to say to the receiver? You might be doing the self talk. But in this case, I envisage you’re not talking to yourself, so somebody is at the receiving end of what you are saying then before you let those words out of your mouth, weigh them. Make sure your words are soul enriching. People would want to listen to you more if they know what you say would be edifying even when you are criticizing them. They would love your speech and always grant you audience because they know they are not in for a bad time with you.

4. Is what am about to say going to harm the receiver? There are always two things involved in something. If it does not positively affect the receiver, then it would harm him/her.

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Hello there, do check on what you are about to say before you say it, many people have ended in jail for saying things they never intended to do. We have heard of people who have been indicted. don’t be a victim.

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