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    It’s a wonderful piece I must confess but I will like to make observations on item 6 about engagements six months b4 wedding..well although it’s my opinion but I don’t think it’s fair to advise people in that path because all relationships wont take same shape,not alll works of life can affor a wedding afta six months n jus like me I engaged my woman in September 23,2016 hoping the marriage should hold March,2017 and a week later I lost my Job..that is usally a plan but now it ddnt work as planned..Please try to b very sensitive when u advise on that subject..its too ambiguous for a single sentence!! Thank you

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      Okoh Ibitade Chukwuemeke

      Hello Theophilus, I appreciate your visit, and I’m happy you have someone you can’t wait to get married to. Trust me, I’m very sorry about your job loss, and also sorry it altered your plans, I know how you feel(or felt).

      The advice is just so you know your potential spouse more than you would in say three months or so, you know humans are very deep and needs time to be understood.

      I hope you find all you need to tie the knot with your love soonest.

      Thanks for coming.


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