Most often time in our life on a daily basis, we fail to use words effectively or to its fullest. A lot of times I’ve emphasized the need to be careful of how people use words. “with words, the world was created”. The tongue is the helm of life, consequently how you use these words matter to a large extent the outcome of life.

Here today, I have made a little list of eight simple words often forgotten to be used or underused. Some people do not use this words because of pride, yet others just don’t know how effective these words are.
Without much ado, let’s see what’s in my list of great underused words

8 great underused and soul uplifting words.

1.    Thank you: Just two words you mean? Yes. Saying thank you after someone does you a favour goes a long way in showing appreciation and gratitude.

your level of gratitude goes a long way in determining your altitude.

If after you showed kindness to anybody and you don’t hear that phrase, you feel unappreciated. And there is a possibility that when next you have the opportunity to render any favour or assistance, you would think twice before doing so. Saying thank you would just help you show gratitude. Learn to say thanks.

2.    I’m sorry: when you make mistakes, do not hesitate to show apology. Showing you are sorry would save you or prevent the issue from escalating. If a stitch in time saves nine, then am sorry saves stress and misunderstanding. Do not let your ego overwhelm you to the point of failing to acknowledge your mistakes when they are made.

3.    Please: Do you need any assistance? don’t be too proud to say ‘please’. No matter how small he is to you who holds your help, saying please helps you show humility and his would help get what you desire. When you request with pride, there is a possibility you won’t get it, however, when you show humility, you stand a good chance.

4.    Forgive me(please): Yes you offended her, why not ask for her forgiveness. It would also save you the emotional stress attached. Whenever you hurt anybody, do not be defensive and give excuses, just apologize and move forward. It saves you stress and emotional disturbance.

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5.    I love you: Do not hesitate to show love when you feel it. You might not have the opportunity to do so tomorrow. This might not be erotic love, it might just be agape love, but don’t forget to use it. People would be surprised the first time you say that word(if you have not been using it).  Start telling people you love them today, it would also help you feel loved as well as forcing you to be loved. We hear on TV every now and then people expressing love and it seems easy or rampant, but very few use the line in their day to day conversation. When you get to school,office or church tomorrow, why not say to  the first person you meet “I love you”, and put a smile on his or her face.

6.    You’re amazing,terrific,wonderful etc: If you have always failed to acknowledge people or show approval, then this is the time to start. You look good,your beautiful/handsome,you look stunning,what a nice voice you have, how intelligent you proved to be in your last test..etc words of affirmation have a way of rubbing off on those we tell. It raises their spirit and brings total joy and internal upliftment. Words really have life and the earlier we started using them to heal people,the better.

7.    I miss you: “he’ll feel too important if I tell him I miss him” well if this has been your mindset,then you are very wrong. Because one individual didn’t appreciate your care does not mean others wont. In actual sense,not all would,you just have to keep showing it. Tell that fellow how much you miss their presence and time with you. That might just be all he/she needs to feel rejuvenated and start succeeding again.

8.    Don’t go…(Please stay): while it is not advice able to force people to stay with you,(if they are meant to leave,they would still leave,if not now, certainly later),it is also good to make them know you would have loved them to stay. Don’t push anybody to stay with you as I’ve stated earlier,but do not be too proud to make them know you love and appreciate their presence and would appreciate their stay.
Words really have life; don’t fail to use it correctly. Here are soul uplifting words you must learn using. What you say to people either help in making or contributes to their destruction.  The way you also use words also shows how you feel inside of you as you cannot give what you don’t have.

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Over to you,what do you think about this? Which do you agree or disagree with. Let me know using the comment box below and share your knowledge and idea with is.




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