Why you should stand in for the underdog

Why you should stand in for the underdog

Hello friends,how are you all doing? Today we’re going to discuss about standing in for someone.Yes,that fellow whose personality your conversation is belittling.
Immediately someone leaves your circle or he/she is absent,what do you say about him? What do your friends talk about him/her? Do you know such discussions can bring you power if you use it to your advantage? It can make people trust you and you’ll get their approval in the long run…all you need do is standing in for the underdog…
Why should you stand in for this him or her?…why do I have to get myself disapproved(in the short run) by my friends,siblings and colleagues?….this and many more questions may have occurred to you in a second and you’re discouraged already,but wait…not so fast bro..the benefit is your’s to keep-forever.
What benefit am I talking about? TRUST,LOVE,RESPECT and SECURITY…you’ll get everybody around you to trust your judgement.They’ll trust whatever you from your mouth…because they know you have them in mind,you’re not selfish and and you’re not after popularity(but this would get you popularity unconciously).
Now you may ask,how do I do this?…what does it mean to stand in for someone? Simple! Just talk nice…when a guy leaves your gathering,you find one,two or three people rolling their eyes and they say something like “o yea,the fat Joe is gone”..”his English is so poor”…”she can’t even dress as good as bla bla bla”…and on and on..but you don’t have to join them, all you need do is find something nice about him or her.If you think deeply,you’ll find one or two things.”but she knows how to dress the traditional way”,”but he’s current with the epl scores” “he’s good in math you know”..”do you know she’s good in french?”…just anything to highlight his or her strenght.
now why all this stress,why don’t I join the fun and get the best of the moment? you may ask. Remember whatever you sow,you’ll ,also do unto others what you want them to do to you.above all if you don’t join that degrading conversation,those people who do such would admire you,they’ll respect and trust you ultimately. Upon leaving a gathering they’ll be rest assured they have an advocate,an attorney to help them when the need arises,and when any opportunity arises for something nice,say a position to be filled or an occassion to attend you’ll be nominated-unopposed.Just because the all are confortable with you around.[READ:-top 5 female music earners]
I once was a president of an organisation for three years unopposed and I know how it feels having everybody as your supporter…I was replaced upon my request when I found a new mentality about leadership and I decided to explore it.
In essence what you should do is find something nice about anybody, don’t fake it,be sincere because someone is reading you somewhere somehow. When you’re sincere it’ll show and people would know.[READ:-the excuse for failure]

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