Why women lose value and respect in relationships

Why women lose value and respect in relationships

Why do men disrespect women in relationships

Women are beautiful, aren’t they? But, why do men disrespect women in relationships? How do you go about overcoming disrespect from the guy you are dating?

We all know women are very important to the development of any society. However, as beautiful and amazing as they are, many of them are being maltreated, and abused on a daily basis.

The purpose of this post is to shed light into the reason the above happens and proffer solutions so as to check further occurrences.

Women have and were created with very soft emotions, even though many of them look very strong on the outside, this is why, most do what they do. Their emotions are not weaknesses, even though many men make it seem so. They were created to be soft, and they just can’t help it.

Despite this beautiful nature of women, why do many men play on their intelligence? Why are they been abused? I will in the next few paragraphs highlight things women do that are wrong, and should top. This means they must develop themselves anticipating the harsh society they find themselves.

Why do men disrespect women in relationships

1. You’ve given away exclusivity

There are women who do not have anything special about them anymore (to the guy). Such girls have done everything to prove to their lover that they love them and will go the extra mile for them. Yet they are cheated on, jilted and dumped, one of the numerous reasons is that they (or you) gave away exclusivity.

What do I mean by that? You visit him, perform wifely duties. He lays with you. You walk around the house nude, etc. there is nothing special, nothing hidden, and nothing to hope for, nothing new anymore.

Did you know guys love to be in dark? We love suspense. When they get everything you have to offer today, they’d seek somewhere else tomorrow for a new adventure. They were created like that, only a few have taken the decision to distinguish themselves, only a few have improved.

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Don’t be surprised when you see any disrespectful relationship behavior from him when you give away exclusivity

2. Cohabiting

Mostly on campuses, you find ladies living with their boyfriends, and in some cases, the guys move in with the girls (mostly for financial benefits though). When you give away such, at an early stage, there is almost no reason he won’t dump you.

It goes back to the previous reason, nothing is special about you anymore, he feels that is how you have been with other guys, especially if you held nothing back from him (I hope you know what I mean).

3. Living your life to date

When you live your life because you want to date, then you have nothing special to offer, A guy loves girls who continue to improve themselves, and are full of amazing surprises.

When you wake every day to be the girlfriend of yesterday, he will abandon you at the site of another girl who have something that stands her out.

4. Incompleteness

You don’t need to ask why do men disrespect women in relationships if you think you are incomplete on your own. You as an individual are a complete whole.

You don’t need a guy to complete you, and this is in the first place the first rule to dating; you must understand that you are complete by yourself. The presence of a man in your life should only complement you, without him, you are still who you are-no less.

Many ladies have remain in bad relationships because they think they cannot stand alone, I discovered this when I wrote on Reasons why Ladies remain in abusive relationships. Its high time you understood you are complete, no guy makes you complete but their presence is just an add-on, a compliment!

5. Being too around

Don’t you have a business of your own? When you are too around, he gets tired too soon . You love him and that’s fine, you don’t have to make him feel like he’s the air you breathe (although he might be), such feeling would make him feel indispensable and no guy is.

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Sometimes, be absent, what is seen too much loses its value. The sun for instance loses its value, because it shines for a very long time, everybody wants the rain, curses the sun and stuff like that, but during the raining season, we all crave the warmth of the sun, we all pray for sunlight, this is the cycle every year.

Learn to be like the sun, withdraw your presence once in a while and make your presence as well as absence felt, loved, respected and missed.

Use absence to increase respect and honor. Sometimes, when a man calls you always and will not let you have a life of your own, it’s a sign that a man is disrespecting you.

6. Money conscious

you ask Why do men disrespect women in relationships, and all you financial burdens are on him?

Do you think dating him shifts your financial burden to him? If you do, don’t be surprised when he leaves. He feels you are more special when you support him. On your dates, you pay for just the Ice cream, (as little as that may seem), on our way to his house, you buy him fruits, pay your fare or at the petrol station, you pay.

You don’t take money from him, but you give him, though he has. No matter how small, he’s no fool (I don’t think you’re dating one), he’ll appreciate. When you think he has to satisfy all your financial needs, he’ll do it for a while and when he perceives someone who is independent, and leaves you for her, don’t be surprised.

Your boyfriend is not your employer, and he doesn’t owe you anything financially. In fact, I take being money conscious as a disrespectful relationship behavior, and you cannot attempt overcoming disrespect from the guy you are dating being money conscious.

The few tips above are reasons Why men do disrespect women in relationships. So many ladies have given their all, yet they have been met with being embarrassed and “broken-hearted”.

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Consider these tips and improve on yourself, you will make yourself extremely valuable, and guys will sought after you.

Over to you

What are those things you think makes women unrespected in relationships? As a lady, in your opinion, why do men disrespect women in relationships? What are the signs that a man is disrespecting you?

Can you kindly answer any of the following questions using the comment area below

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How did you go about overcoming disrespect from the guy you are dating, if you’ve ever done so? share with us in the comment section below.


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  1. People cheat on each other because it’s an individual choice (and for the people who think cheating is a mistake, get your head out of your ass) cheating isn’t a mistake. Men choose to disrespect women because they CAN. Men at a very young age need to be taught that emotions, understanding, caring are very good masculine traits! Being tough can have its benefits but how is disrespect, lying, cheating, breaking trust and loyalty so manly… it’s not. Men aren’t cool for being complete pigs, that’s the problem with society nowadays also thinking that sex is so important. The whole reason people get into a relationship is so that eventually you two can get married down the road! It shouldn’t matter if you have seen everything and know everything about the person! That’s the whole fucking point. It’s absolutely impossible to keep the other person wondering for your entire life, and if men want that, then they’re pathetic. Same for the women who want that as well. People need to be taught that trust and loyalty is what it should all be about. People are just cruel nowadays and don’t think. Too many people who’s egos are bigger than their futures half the time.

  2. Thank you Kaitlyn. I totally agree with you. Fact is there is no men whom is trying to represent their father………………………. (God). The bible does not say this behavior is accepted matter a fact it says that it’s a sin. Aldultery is just that no matter what side it comes from. It also says a mans that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. If men are just jumping from women to women cause there not fun or theirs nothing new about them then why expect the blessings of the Lord when you can’t follow the commandment of the Lord. God don’t bless no mess! Men just need to grow up and take their true places of being real men. No real man will disrespect a women under any circumstances if they are real men and vice versa. Men, just grow up so you can rise up and be the example our future young men need to see.

    • Hello, Nicole. Thank you for your contribution. And you’re right, I completely agree with you, no real man should disrespect a woman, under any circumstance. It is a complete show of cowardice.


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