Whatsapp and Facebook are set to share you Privacy info


If you recently checked “accept” to Whatsapp’s new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, allowing the app to share your information with Facebook, then you have less than 30 days to change your mind.

After causing quite the commotion, Whatsapp recently announced that users can now configure their privacy settings to not share data with Facebook, if they don’t want to. The bad thing about this is that there is a time limit—users only have 30 days from the day they accepted the agreement.

When Whatsapp sent its users a message saying that they were going to
update their Privacy Policy, there were millions of people who clicked “accept”. If instead you click “not now”, the same message will continue to appear until you eventually surrender and accept.

If you are one of the many users who accepted the policy because it was your only option, we have provided you with the steps you need to deny Facebook access to your Whatsapp data.

Here is the message from Whatsapp

Whatsapp Security exchange

How to deny Facebook access

Open Whatsapp, go to Settings > Account > Share account information


If you do not wish to share your account information with Facebook—a move designed to improve user experience with additional products and advertisements on Facebook accounts—then you can simply deselect the check box or toggle the controller.

However, regardless if we deselect the option to share our phone number, Whatsapp warns that there is certain information that is still shared with Facebook.

Whatsapp is also set to quit their service on Nokia jAva phones, Blackberry Phones (including Blackberry 10 devices) and some old versions of android later this December.

Posted on 03/09/16

Source: PandaSecurity

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