website traffic:8 sure fire ways to Overcoming traffic barriers in blogging and...

website traffic:8 sure fire ways to Overcoming traffic barriers in blogging and improve your site traffic

How to get more traffic

Simple tips on how to get more traffic

It is no news that getting website traffic to your site or blog is no joke, how to get more traffic is not easy at all. Bloggers everywhere are in demand for traffic. those who have the financial strength are paying to get traffic,others who do not have such financial strength are languishing in utter want for this essential “commodity” as it were.Not as though I have as much traffic as I want,but I have at my finger tip enough information needed to bring in a considerable amount of traffic to your blog,no matter your niche and am willing to share a few here and will do more as time goes on.

I have made more money consulting for bloggers who want traffic on how to get more traffic than I have made on ads,the only jobs that have earned me more is blog designs or redesign,so I figured traffic is a big issue to bloggers,hence this post as part of my little way of helping.
so we are going to get started without much ado.

DISCLAIMER:The suggestions in this post having worked for me are not  foolproof methods that will work for you. To some,you might have to tweak some of these to suit your niche,blog style or taste.

So come along as I share with you.

How to get more traffic

1. Understand your niche-Your niche is your focus in your are of specialty. On a broader scale,the most famous niches are Entertainment and Tech.(an unverified statistic in my mind tells me every 3 of every 6 bloggers are entertainment bloggers,2 of these 6 are tech bloggers,and the one remaining is focused on other niches,as I said this is unverified so feel free to disagree).  If you talk of How to get more traffic you need to understand your niche,you’ll know exactly what they want and what to deliver,thereby making a name for yourself and this in the long run would make you stand out of the crowd. Observe your competitors,notice what they are doing and device ways to out do them. set a target for yourself and try to beat it.

the difference between what you want to be and what you are is what you know –BiscoIbitade

2.How to get more traffic by “poaching”(i.e Find them): Your audience is not the web in general ,its a portion of the web,so find where this portion is located,only then will you get exactly what you desire. If for instance because you hear forums are a great source of traffic,you start promoting your entertainment blog to a tech forum,you’ll only succeed in putting square pegs in a round hole,then you’ll keep complaining of poor traffic. Locate your audience and build them. There are lots of tools on how to track website traffic,use it and know where most of your traffic is coming from and work on it.

 where the carcass are the eagles gather”

How to get more traffic on your blog

3. Remember other search engines: You want tips on How to get more traffic and all you optimize for is google? remember Google is not the only search engine. have you submitted your site map to bing? there’s a search engine called Mamma,yahoo still exists,while google has a large market share,imagine if you are top on yahoo and Bing, and a little lower on google. go to their web master tools and understand what is required of you and optimize your blog for all possible sources of traffic.

do not put all your eggs in one basket

4. How to get more traffic using Social Media: the amount of traffic generated by reddit,digg,youtube,instagram Stumbleupon is incredible,Pinterest is doing same,need I mention twitter or facebook? if you are waiting to get a large handle or account before you leverage on these social tools,then you  must be kidding me. start tweeting something today,start facebooking(your page) and start sharing links(be responsible,do not spam). If you leverage on the power of social media so well,you might not need others much.But social media is not Facebook alone(to the facebook addicts)

5. How to get more traffic by Paying: I know some people might not be happy with this being on the list,am sorry to break your hearts,but it can not be eliminated. Paid traffic is important on when how to get more traffic is discussed Paid traffic is still real and the influx of “blog Investors” have made this route inevitable. Robert Greene in his all time classic summarises why you need to advertise in one phrase “WHAT IS NOT SEEN DOES NOT EXIST”. So for your blog to be in existent,it has to be seen and you have to pay those who already have this traffic to promote you. From facebook ads to adwords to bing,and blog adverts you can get free website traffic you have to explore which works bests for you. A few dollars would not rend your pocket,so get that bill out and pay for something.(you can hire me to analyse the market for you and help you make the most of your campaign)

6. Take your time: the bridge between you and your traffic is time and dong the right thing. so keep doing the right thing,like filling a well,the result would show up sooner than later.

7. White Hat versus Black hat: Black hat SEO would darken you while white hat would lighten you in the long run. when How to get more traffic is mentioned, some run to blackhat, Updates to search engine algorithms uncover many bad SEO practices,so if you are practicing and negative SEO method,refrain from it today,this might cause more harm than good in the long term. take your time to build a nice blog.

8. Guest Post and Comment: some people would have thought,”so this list is coming to an end without mentioning Guest posting and commenting?” Well I’ve saved this for the last. guest posting would give you quick exposure,commenting on related blog would do same,but do not comment with the intention of building links or traffic alone,comment to show love to the blogs you read and the reward of your love would be traffic and maybe a link Juice.

These are very active methods on how to get more traffic both free and paid to your young or old blog. I hope you’ll borrow a leaf or two from it. You can consult me for further help if needed as this is not the ultimate,however this would go a long way. I do SEO too,so I can really be of immense help.

Have your say,what do you think about this,any additions or contributions would be highly appreciated,drop your comments below on how to get more traffic


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