Ways to hapiness- 4 mistakes made in pursuit of happiness

Ways to hapiness- 4 mistakes made in pursuit of happiness


ways to happiness

We all want to be happy,I yet have not seen any human under the sun who doesn’t want to be happy,(perhaps there is,I don’t know). I believe one of the reasons why you are reading this is because you want to be happy,and you also want to know how to avoid little mistakes made in the pursuit of happiness.
Nothing good comes easy,non that I know of,not in this world,maybe in Pluto or Saturn,but most definitely not on planet earth..
And because nothing good comes easy,there abound little mistakes or difficulties encountered in the pursuit of happiness. You’d be intimated of these mistakes in the remaining lines of this post.
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Mistakes made in pursuit of happiness

  • Not letting go of the past.;People who do no let go of their past often miss out in the joy of the moment.not letting go of your past means you are still dwelling in it and you don’t expect to have the maximum feel of the present while still in your past.once you let go of your past,you start releasing yourself for the wonderful moments ahead.Holding onto the past makes you over ‘conscious’ of the tendency of getting hurt and this keeps you in your shell. Let go of your past,you no longer have control over it,its gone,let it go and take charge of your present and future….. 
    •  comparing with others: people often compare themselves,possession,achievements with other people and this causes only sadness. You are different. Why compare? Its an insult on your being,comparing it with another being. Whatever you can not have,ignore the. For women its mostly jewelry,accessories and clothes,for gadget lovers,its latest tabs,smartphone etc. If you cannot afford it,then forget it(at least for the time been).We’ve heard of people who cannot live in the league they choose to,they take part in vices like stealing, s*xual excapedes,and the likes,those who’re unfortunate and caught have been lynched,jungle justice have been melted out on some,death has even caught up with others..Imaging the same,disrespect,humiliation,embarrassment and disgrace received for a gadget that it’s price would drop after a month or so.. My point,if you can’t have it,don’t compare,just be happy with what you’ve got.  

    disdain things you cannot have,ignoring them is the best revenge’Robert green(48 laws of power)….

    • Pursuing the source of happiness rather than the happiness itself: people often go after what they think would make them happy,instead of the real happiness itself. To illustrate,people who chase money at the expense of their family thinks money is happiness,or a path to happiness and they ignore their family,friends and relationships which are the real happiness. I’m not advocating laziness,instead am after a balance. You need to find a balance between work and your loved ones.what is the essence of money when spent it alone. Invest quality time in those who makes you happy.they are the real happiness. 

      ‘Money would buy you bed,but not the sound and quality sleep you’ll get when you’re with your loved ones’-Ibitade…….

      •  they pursue happiness instead of living their lives and be happy: In search of happiness,you often forget to live the life of happiness. Why not stop searching for happiness and start living your life happily. The pursuit of happiness would make it elude you. …..

      Do not make happiness your pursuit,do the right things and happiness would come……

      These are just a few mistakes made,please do use the comment box to share other mistakes you know. Have you ever experienced this,you know someone…?do share with us here… 

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