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Why you’re going to waste years at home without admission

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Those who got admitted immediately they left secondary school won’t understand the pain in seeing their friends “matric” or even graduate before others got admission. In this discussion today, I will be explaining why your friends would be graduating before you get admitted, it’s not a curse, it’s a constant of nature. We live in a world of unwritten laws, and if you break any of these laws, you have to pay the price.
I stayed at home for four year of my precious life because I broke one or more of these reasons listed below repeatedly. (I felt like crying, the moment I got admitted, and realized these facts)
Why have you not been admitted, or why you won’t be admitted soon?
Admission in Nigeria is no child’s play, unless your parents or sponsor have some little cash, (don’t even think of it, don’t think I mean cash to “run” your admission). I mean cash to send you to a private school, or abroad, or in the very least to Ghana (for the weak who think they are strong).
Here are reasons why you might not be admitted this year or anytime soon.

1. You have Ego or pride

You want to attend UI, Unilorin, OAU,UNIBEN,UNIPORT UNILAG, and the likes, congrats. But you must work at the level equaling your dreams. Here is the fact, its not as if these schools have any special level of intelligence they produce, they just have high degree of competition to get in, the reason is because they have a high number of applicants who want to get in, so they increase their cut off marks of admission, so to get in, you must be among the highest scores of aspirants, that’s all. Many of the students drop in intelligence once admitted,(when they see and experience a social life they’ve never been used to)
Where does ego and pride come in? If you applied for any of these schools, you must be willing to work, and if you can’t work, change school, it is your ego that would make you not change school, or at least course.

2. Lack of second Plan

don’t change your dream, you are allowed to change the approach

I will never advise anyone to lower his dream or aspirations, But many a time, we need a plan “B”.  I am not among those who would ask or advice you to lower your dreams, but here is a fact, don’t change your dream, you are allowed to change the approach. I don’t want to go into circumlocution, a word is enough for the wise.

3. Poor reading habits:

you know you are not a good “student”, by student I mean one who studies, not a bad person, If you can’t study hard, then you might not be built for the books, (its not your fault, it’s your temperament, you should read this) so you need to find an alternative if you are in this category, don’t waste time, change course,school or do Diploma( you’ll read about diploma in number 7 below)

4. You don’t think:

So what do you think the Jambs’ change of course or institution is for? NO, Its not for JAMB to make money,(Don’t be cynical), it’s for you to correct your errors or mistakes. Do you have a mistake in your name, or your score is not up to par, why not change it? You observed many people got above 250, and you got 205, don’t say you’ll read to cover up in post Jamb, Change your course ( you who couldn’t read to get the 250 with them, you now want to outscore them in post jamb?). Where is that ability going to come from? More over are they going to sleep and not read themselves? You think you want to exercise faith right? Meaning those others don’t have faith. Faith without work is dead! And please remember! Post Jamb is being phased out, so please be guided.

5. Compulsorily:

For four years, I was choosing a course, If I had chose my second choice course, I’d be graduating the same year I was admitted. It’s not compulsory you study that course, you can go for it as a second degree. Why not choose something you can get admitted into now and retake Jamb next year instead of being at home (I’ll tell you the dangers of being at home later). You want to study Medicine and your score is below par, change that course to something smaller and start planning for Jamb next year, or you can go abroad to study your medicine as a second degree, (Did you know medicine in the U.S is a second degree course?) What you study won’t make you a Billionaire, check all the Billionaire lists, non is an employee, they’re all entrepreneurs.

6. You can’t do Pre-Degree?:

Pre-Degree or Pre-Science is a six month to one year program schools organize so they can prepare candidates for better admission chances. I see it as buying a possible slot for admission since such students are being favored to be admitted by the institutions once you satisfy their requirements. So if you missed this or last year for any reason, why not get the form and get learning? Staying at home is dangerous and like I said before, I will tell you why it is bad later.

7. You Can’t do Diploma

Diploma is a two year program, in which you are lectured like the degree student, but you are awarded a certificate( called a diploma) after two years, Instead of staying at home, why not go for a diploma course, and retake jamb, if you are admitted in your first year then you swap to the degree program, if not, you complete the course and get admitted to your desired choice of course and start 200 level at once, which means you didn’t lose any year, (NB you would be admitted into 200level If and only if you meet their criteria) Otherwise, you will start from 100level and keep you certificate, its yours and it gives you an edge over others. They say no knowledge is lost.

8. Low Self esteem:

If you are in this category, you might not know, but this is how to know: “What will I tell my friends? That I’m not studying XYD course? They’ll laugh at me” if you make statements that mean the same thing as the above, then you probably have a low self esteem, work on it. Nobody in his right senses will judge you by what you study but by how much lives you are impacting daily.

Why is it bad to stay at home?

I don’t want to beat about the bush on this, if you stay at home, you’ll think you would study the whole year, but in reality, you don’t study anything. The longer you stay at home the less studious you become, if not, you’d be see such people scoring highest in Jamb yearly, but the reverse is the case. Also, the idle mind is the devils workshop, as the saying goes. The longer you stay at home, the more difficult admission is for you.
Even those who would have been exceptions, I mean those who want to sponsor themselves through school who wait to work one or two years are affected by the “staying at home syndrome”. I pay my bill in school and am a regular student, and would also or can also teach you how I sponsor my schooling and live a very rich life. (Hello, I’m not a fraudster, so don’t even think of it). You can contact me if you want to. Get admitted today!

Over to you, what do you think is the cause of most students not getting admitted early enough? What are the pros and the cons of staying at home? What is your thought on this? Share with us using the comment area below.



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