trust issues:9 ways to get people to trust you

trust issues:9 ways to get people to trust you

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Trust is a basic in our everyday life. From all of our relationships we demand and expect trust. Today the lack of trust has ruined so many lives,homes marriages,love affairs,relationships with colleagues at places of work,bosses etc. Because this is an essential part of every smooth relationship. As much as trust is needed,it is pertinent to note that it is fragile,once lost its gone-forever no body wants blind trust. Even when you attempt to rebuild or do everything to regain the trust of anybody who lost his/her trust in us,like a wound it might heal, but the scar would remain forever. And that means the regained trust can never be as it was because whenever remembered, there would be an emotional disturbance.(the spirit is willing to forget but the flesh is weak).so many families even lack family bad!
For every relationship to work out fine,trust is important.believe me,else both parties would only be deceiving themselves ;one of the main reason why you should be with your partners is because you trust them. No matter your relationship with anybody either your friends or religious leaders,its your trust in them that’ll make you put in efforts to make it work.The importance of trust in a relationship can really not be over emphasized.

how do we become trusted people

Let us now highlight and get intimate on how to get peoples trust,although this might take a little time to yield the best of result,the result is worth the time and effort.

  •  Maintain a good reputation:In the 48 laws of power,the 5th laws states ‘so much depends on reputation,guard it with your life’. For as much that depends on your reputation,trust is one of them. Your level of trust from people is directly proportional to your reputation. The bible stated ‘ a good name is better than riches’ so don’t for anything destroy your reputation. We’ve heard of people who committedsuicide because their reputation has been questioned. Do guard it withyour life if you must be trusted.( the Japanese samurai)
  • Always be truthful:this could be deduced from the first above,but its more direct,be truthful. Avoid exaggeration.once unsure about anything,make it clear your are not sure. By so doing you’ll get peoples respect and ultimately their trust they’ll also take any information coming from you as an authority. Some might wait to hear from you before they’d believe any issues on ground. Because this days,one can unconsciously lie,you have to be conscious of what you say, quickly make corrections to statements made by mistake. Do not talk excessively,do not give a first hand answer to questions you do not have first hand experience of. When discussing and am not too sure of a fact I’d always say ‘I don’t know much…however I think,…I suppose…maybe’…etc. This would surely help your trust level greatly.
  • Trust them first: Nobody will truly trust you until they are sure you trust them(at least). otherwise,its a bait for you to do so or its to prove themselves right.You need to trust before you expect to be trusted.Nobody receives what he hasn’t given..what you sow is what you’ll reap.No more,no less.
  • Avoid all of these-cynicism,narcissism,megalomania,skepticism,selfishness,sentiments. All these are vices that’ll work against you in the long run.If any of these is found it do,take immediate steps to deal with them. politely decline gossip.You don’t want to be gossiped,don’t gossip either.however,you don’t have to be harsh or rude in declining to partake,subtly let the other party know you not pry into peoples lives. And by so doing,you’ll gain his/her own trust too
  • be selectively vulnerable.:make little minor mistakes,and request for help. Especially from your superiors. Appearing to be perfect would make them insecure and they wouldn’t trust you. But being vulnerable and asking for their help would reassure them they are the boss. And their trust is yours. Most bosses’ are like this,they unconsciously love their subordinates to seek their assistance and when this is not coming,there is ‘trouble’.so take advantage of this.(however this shouldn’t be done often as it might make you seem incompetent).
  • Apologize for little mistakes:whenever any mistake is made,you should apologize.whenever you apply no.6 above,but highlight your little errors and show remorse,it would make they themselves justify your actions.(in most cases).
  • Have confidence. We only show confidence in someone who’s confident.If you are not confident enough,nobody would show confidence and trust in you. Build your confidence level and improve your swagger.
  • Dress well. This might sound odd/irrelevant,but it actually is very important. Your dressing shows how you’d be addressed. So if you don’t dress we,you won’t be regarded or respected and trust don’t come wit disrespect and disregard.
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I hope I’ve been able to highlight important and key areas needed to be worked upon to gain trust. how important is trust in a relationship to you,do you believe at all in trusts in relationships? what is trust in a relationship…..if you think I’ve left anything out,or you want to share anything with us,you can please use the comment box below.

importance of trust in a relationship

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