Three questions most achievers asked

Three questions most achievers asked

questions to make you think
Hello guys, how are you and your day going on this wonderful day. We’re going to discuss about people who are successful, and two question they ask and answer that makes all the difference in their pursuits.

Am quite sure you and I have this ambition to be great, no other time in history has success appealed to individuals as now. Consequently this quest has made success to be eluding because the wrong tactics are been employed to achieve the best result. But not so, there are things successful people do, in the order of questions they ask to get the results they get within a stipulated time.

To be successful, you need a “square peg in a square hole, a round peg in a round hole” as the saying goes. What are these pegs?…they are the questions  you ask and the answers you give. An understanding of these questions and a proper answer to it would lead you one way…the top. The very first and last questions you need to ask your self are found below:

1.       Who are you: oh no! that’s not how to ask it…its “who am I?”…I bet not up to ten of every hundred persons on the street can answer that. And when they try, they give a vague answer. This shouldn’t be. You need to have an understanding of who you are to access the very best of life. Life has made no preparations for people who are not  defined. People who don’t know  that life will toss them around until they understand their position in lifeYou see, guys, life is unique ,dynamic and relative, life to you might not be life to me. And this is why you need a definition of life to you. When you understand this life would attempt tossing you around  (it doesn’t give up) still you won’t throw in the towel.

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A proper understanding of what life is to you would help you such that you wont give in to ill advises which come from friends and those who claim to love you. When one or two people try to lead you to evil, your definition of life would make you realize that you’re not cut out for that. It helps you stay focused

2.       What do I want ?:Yes. What do you want? Do you really know what you want? Well, if you do- congrats. Not many does. And if you don’t, don’t worry, you’ll soon find out. If you know who you are, you’ll have an understanding what such a person deserves.

When Bill Gates realized who he was, he knew a university degree wont guarantee him success. He had to quit Harvard. He knew what he wanted. Benjamin Carson knew what to expect(or perhaps his mum should take that credit )anyhow, they understood what they wanted, the y went for it. Identify what you want.

3.       What are you willing to give: if there is a saying that there is something for nothing, if you’ve ever imagined something for nothing, please stop that . It doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as something for nothing. You must be willing to give what it takes, at least if not for anything, to get what you want. There are certain things expected of anybody who anticipates success

So friends Identify who you are, know what you want and decide if you can give what it takes. Defaulting in any of the three, would mean anything less than total success.
Have you asked any yourself any of these questions? What answers did you give( if you can share with us)…what do you think? Talk to us…
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