How Tecno became A Quintessential of Self Belief

How Tecno became A Quintessential of Self Belief

Tecno brand in Nigeria

The emergence of tecno in the Nigerian market came as just another entrance of a “china Phone” (a term used to identify poor phones imported mainly from the Asian market). However, that proved to be an aberration with time. Although Tecno is a Chinese company and the tag “china phone” wouldn’t have been wrong, the quality proved to be a deviation from what was obtainable with other or prevalent china phones. They were far better.
The first area where tecno proved to be classy in their approach to the mobile market was using a unique name. Many companies who came into the market didn’t come in with their name, they came with a tweak to the name of existing brands. You get a name like this “Nokla,N0kia,Nok1a,Noki6,Samsnug,sumsang,samsang’ etc. Did you notice the tweak made to those names? These companies came hoping to trick the market in the disguise of Samsung and the then mobile giant Nokia. This might have been profitable with a week or two, but you know you can fool many people many times but you can’t fool everybody every time[read:five common words you must not use on people]

you can fool many people many times but you can’t fool everybody everytime

The only reason why they even get the little profit they get is as a result of the few naïve ones. However Tecno didn’t tow that line, they came in, identified a market where they can build on, and they started the journey which though was tough was promising.

First they won the heart of the aged and those who needed to be on multiple network at a particular time, they made their phones dual sim. But they didn’t stop there as dual “simmed” phones are not new, Tecno also gave their phone touch lights, but then this again is not sufficient to win the heart of most users in a market dominated by Nokia who blackmailed the market with over hyped and over charged phones, tecno identified the straw that’ld break the camels back by equipping their phones with very strong batteries,And this proved to be the joker given the epidemic state of power supply in Nigeria at that time.( I used “at that time” because it is improving at the moment, at least in some areas). People loved the strength of Tecno phones and they won the heart of many.
Tecno did not end here, they also made sure their phones possessed good strength, their phones unlike other “china Phones’ were far stronger, the users of this brand who were rather careless always confess to the fact that they drop their phone but they easily pickup their phones and rearrange it.[read:How to know when your dreams are turning to fantasies]

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While tecno was busy winning the heart of many, other brands which I’d rather not mention were basking in the false belief that they own the mobile market or possess a large market share.
Slow and steady they say win the race. And tecno really understands this saying and they were not resting on their laurels. The emergence of smart phones in Nigeria was long overdue, but it came at a price. In a world which is fastly becoming a global village, communication should be on of the cheapest, but our smartphone manufactures didn’t understand this. First It was Blackberry and their extremely expensive phones. They owned a commanding percent of the market, and they didn’t anticipate a competition that could disposes them (which led to their ultimate dethronement). In came the Android open source OS, with the flexible and smooth user experience including the app love policy(This means any body can develop an app and add it to the play store, which is why android has the most applications compared to other OS),users quickly embraced the android OS. Top brand saw this and were serving the market at exorbitant prices. And the low income earner couldn’t a new android smart phone and Tecno saw this and felt “perhaps this is opportunity to break into the market full”, and BOOM!!! The first tecno android smart phone was released. An extremely affordable smartphone(though mid range or low end) offering most of the basic features high end android smart phones offers and more.[read:8 ways to overcoming traffic issues on your blog]

Not only was this release a success, I believe google(the owner of android) would be extremely happy with the break through. Tecno didn’t have it all rosy anyway, having won many phone manufatures in the areas of feature phones they faced challenges from saucy citizens and insatiable end users in the areas of the smartphones as well as other manufactures too. Remarks which are not fit for press, expectations that exceeds the price tags, people who expect low end devices to possess high end features et al. But tecno is not a saint after all, they, having won the heart of most users, started playing on the intelligence of many. HOW? They started recycling phones to remain relevant. Recycling? what do I mean by that? You’ll see two different tecno phones, same features, different model names, different price tags. Take for instance, what is the difference between tecno M3 and S3, what is the major difference between Tecno P3 and H5? Very little or no major difference. This gave critics a say in tecno,and the emergence of little and ultimately cheaper brands started dwindling the influence of tecno in the market. They became notorious with releasing phones running a meager 512 mb of ram which was poor for a gaming market(at least)Products like Infinix,Injoo,itel,low end Samsung phones,hi-5,Malata etc,started reducing the market share of tecno,many of these products where nothing but mediocre releases to say the least. (how would you tag a smartphone that has difficulty sending or receiving files via Bluetooth,using wifi or hotspot etc)? I call it mediocre.

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During this period, tecno was in a more or less stealth mode. Still producing their usual but their self belief refused to die and they started devising a meand to re-emerge into the mobile market re branded. It took a while, we heard of the camon series. Their prices showed they’re going premium. When you’re compared with iPhone6, Samsung galaxy series,then something has upgraded. And a few weeks ago a new beast was released called Phantom 5. I’ve not seen any review of it less than 90%, that means tecno is getting it right. Releasing a product that competes with the crème de la crème of the industry after years of gradual growth is success. Today unlike other market players, tecno has a product for every pocket and budget.

Battling established forces has never been easy and it takes self belief to battle through thick and thin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of times you have to fight distrust fro friends and family. Your boss might not believe in you and always delegate your subordinates to take roles which you should have naturally been yours. We struggle the more through poor and limiting self beliefs, In all these the truth and the fact remains that our ability and capability is limitless,there is no limit except that placed by our minds, Like tecno you don’t have to dance to the prevalent tune by following the crowd,create a brand in yourself,which would be trusted by all. How did tecno achieve this,they didn’t name their products like others in the market did and this made them stand the test of time,they branded themselves, so do same. Brand yourself.
Also realize that whatever good you are upto,there would always be critics and those who always see your mistakes. Until you realize these set of people are bumps on your road toward success,you wont make progress.[read:six things you do that never makes you great]

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1. There was a market neglected by the major phone manufactures

2. Tecno identified this market and decided to go for it,but faced the issues of branding, should they go for the wrong way phone makers in their niche went and make quick cash or should they take the tough route and create a brand? They obviously went for the latter

3. Tecno gave more than expected. ( strength,battery,quality and trust)

4. Anticipating problems and also anticipating solutions before the problems arises. This the major phone manufactures didn’t do which led to their downfall.

5. Tecno gave their critics a chance by not been innovative enough by rebranding already existing phones with new model names to remain relevant ,which gave lesser competitors a chance. This
Must be avoided because you might not recover. This in the first place is how tecno came into power.

6. Develop an ability to foresee. Tecno for saw that the android market needed affordable phones,they gave it a try(believing I themselves) and they won.

7. Develop self belief in difficult circumstances. Understanding that challenges abound and determining to walk through it because the only way round a challenge is through it.

Over to you. What are the lessons you’ve learnt in all these? What have the tecno lesson taught you? Do you think tecno should be a source of inspiration. Share whatever you feel with us using the comment box below.

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  1. Ohh, I bookmark this page yesterday to read later because the title caught me off guard, and apparently, this worth it, nice one bro… This is such an inspiring piece, I can remember when I reviewed Tecno camon c8 on my blog, I told my readers tecno is coming back and it’s telling its competitors to get ready, and then the great phantom 5 came, I was like, whaoh!

    Thanks once again, such a good piece to start a blissful day with.

    • Great words from you Dawatech,and I cant but say thank you. You were very correct when you predicted the return of tecno, and it remains to be seen if they’ll keep blowing our mind or they’ll start dropping. But for now they are on the ascendency .Thanks once more.


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