Success Factors-Three factors to determine your success or failure n life

Success Factors-Three factors to determine your success or failure n life

For most people, life Is like the game of dice. Throw it and see maybe six will come up.
Though this thinking is rampant, success in life or wealth is never attained by luck. There are formulas.
In this post, I will share with you three major factors that influence what you are and what you`ll be (poor or rich)
Let`s get inside…

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read” Charlie Jone

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1.       The people you meet. We human beings are like chameleon. Though we may think we have our own colours, the reality has shown us that we don`t. your life is what it is today because of who and who you have met and who and who have become your friends. I understood this concept for the first time about 9 years ago. I sat down, examined my closet 10 friends by asking, “if x continues the way I know him now, what is he likely to be in the next five years?”. After accessing my friends this way, it became obvious to me that only one out of my 9 or 10 friends is going anywhere meaningful in life. What I did was not easy, yet I will ask you to do something similar. I unfriended (so to say) my other friends. Let me tell you what will happen when you do this. No. nothing great at first. You will feel very lonely. Your friends you usually stay together with, discuss girls, football, politics and nothing meaningful have gone because you have decided not to check on them any longer. You will feel lonely and want to have new friends. This is a good feeling. The commandment I gave myself that time was, never again be friend with poor people. When I said poor here I really didn`t mean people who are poor in cash. I mean people who are poor in mind, in their thinking, vision or dream. I then started cultivating new set of wonderful friends. This is my testimony. Our friends truly makes us poor or rich (either in mind or in cash). My life changed almost immediately. I became the best students in a class of over 700 people in the polytechnic where I was studying Accounting. I don`t know the better words to use than to tell you … people around you will either help you to be rich or to be poor. No other factor (as much as I know) contributes to your progress, success or riches in life as much as people you are living, talking and walking with. This new found formula so much influence my life that even on facebook, I don`t allow just anyone to be my friend. This is my recommendation for you. sit down today and list 10 people who are your closet friends. Ask yourself, with the way xxxxx is living his life, where is he likely to end up in the next 5 or 10 years?  Do this with 10 closet people to you and decide how many of your friends are heading to somewhere great in life. If you`re lucky to have two or three, those are your real friends. If you`re not lucky and got just one (like me), don`t worry. You just do this next thing. Unfriend the poor friend and start cultivating good friends. I am not telling you it`s going to be easy for you. it won`t`. but it is what you have to do if you actually want to be rich and successful.

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2.       The book you read. If you are an African, you probably hate books. I understand. I am your fellow. But I have a secret to tell you. The real source of our financial poverty in Africa is the poverty of our mind. Money is nothing but the reflection of the state of mind. Africans really need someone to tell them the bitter truth which is, we are in the world of knowledge. The currency of the 21 century is knowledge. How can you meet up with this trend and be successful in this era? Seek knowledge. Read good books, motivational, financial or any other good book. This is the time to spend less time on television and political arguments. This is the time to spend less time on football or other time wasting activities. Take time to read good books. Your mind will be liberated. You will be enlightened. You will have the required knowledge to become a successful business owner, an inventor, or just anything you want to achieve with your life. As a business person, I have discovered that reading books helps me to have good business ideas needed to succeed in my business idea. I am yet to see a successful man who is not a reader. And you know why this is so? You cannot know more than the average man if you don`t read the books other people don`t read and succees or money is a product of what I call upper hand, meaning if I know many things you don`t know you will easily agree that I am your king in any areas of life. For example in politics, we follow people who appear smarter or more intelligent (simply because they have known many things we don`t). In business, a businessman who knows what his competitors don`t know will apply better strategies to win more customers and become rich. Now you see how knowledge is the currency of the 21 century!

3.       The action you take. This is what happens whenever you take action. You will make mistakes. You will learn from your mistakes and become smarter. In the real sense of life, success only happens after a man/woman have taken actions, make mistakes, correct himself and try again. Did you ever dream of becoming a business owner, an artist or anything worthwhile? Well, you cannot become that thing until you stand up and take actions. Yes, you will make mistakes, but that is just the name of the ladder to the riches and success  you desire.

“I hope that in the year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying, living, pushing yourself, changing your world” Neil Gaiman.

Over to you,what do you think about these highlighted areas in our lives? What is missing or what should be said that is not said? what do you think about success in life,how to become successful in life or keys to success in life Do use the comment box below to share with us.

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