Subtle Ways You Commit Suicide Daily

Subtle Ways You Commit Suicide Daily

how to commit suicide successfully

Everyday we commit suicide. Not literally killing ourselves, but continuously taking steps that kill the inner us, is Suicide. How do we commit suicide daily without dying? This post is out to educate you in that regard.
There are some actions that are biologically suicidal. And according to Medlineplus, Suicidal behavior is any action that could cause a person to die.
Death for me is not or does not just occur when one stops breathing, but when one’s purpose of existence becomes valueless and vague. Death starts when we stop growing.
There are actions we take daily that triggers our death even while we breath, and the following paragraphs will reveal them.

Suicidal Actions We Take  Daily

The under listed are my top actions which when daily indulged in, are continually suicidal.

1. Ignoring your HealthCare

This for me is a no brainer. There are lots of people who do not take care of their health. Perhaps their lives have little or no value to them, I really cannot categorically say. If you live in Nigeria, where I grew, You’ll observe the growth of road side medicine stores, drugs sold here are by untrained individuals who would give a dying man “Postinor”. This for me I believe accounts for many deaths and this is also the reason why mortality is on a very disgrace able rate.

There are many people who when sick, do not take drugs, or at best indulge in self medication. Some religions (I learnt) are not helping matters in this regard- they discourage their members from taking drugs or visiting hospitals, Kindly share any you know with us in the comment area(for knowledge sake). Others does not allow their members the luxury of blood transfusion, and I think this is preposterous, to say the least.

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2. Religiously eating JUNK

I love junks. I know the implications. However I don’t eat it religiously, and that’s the difference between me and many others. Junk foods are very harmful to the health, they contain high level of cholesterol and elements harmful to the human health in the long run, although the taste at the initial period can make you forget the grave consequence.

3. Not learning new things(stunted Education)

I’m a fan of education and I do not believe going to school alone defines education, I see many educated people who were not students of any formal institution, or graduated from any of them. Education in my opinion is learning and improving on what you were yesterday. Seeking new and better ways things should be done. For me, once you are not learning new things, you start killing yourself. It is true the saying that when you stop learning you start dying. So if you’re not learning something new on a regular basis, you might just be committing suicide unknowing to you.

4. Not self Developing

The purpose of Inspired Fully is to help people develop themselves, help improve on all spheres both in business, academics, vocation and otherwise. This is so because the world we live in is a dynamic one, where there is constant change and you will be left behind if you don’t improve yourself. We all need self improvement, from altering our limiting belief systems, to developing our mental strengths, gaining knowledge to help make better and improved decisions and also get ideas into how people do the things they do and the possible results of their actions. Humans need to constantly develop themselves, hence become better people. Failure to do this, is suicide to me.

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5. Not helping others

What is life to you if you cannot help your fellow human achieve his purpose? I don’t think a life of “hoarding” is worth living. If you don’t render that assistance, someone else will anyway, so why not make a mark. I understand that some people are lazy or will want you to do for them what they should or could do for themselves, including your professional job for them for free, (like in my case, people will want me to spend the whole of my day attending to them, for free, a service that pays my bill), this might not be fair on your part, but you have to device a means to offer that assistance. What do I do? As for consulting, most times, I place calls to those who need help, and give them the very help they need on phone, sometimes via chat. And I make them understand that it’s my paid service they are getting for free. But for those services that require me to pay or buy something to complete (such as blog setup or domain registration, I make them understand that payment is necessary either to complete one service or the other, this is just an example, it might not apply to you in the same way, but I believe you can relate it to your situation.
Humans must look out for each other, the popular saying is true, look out for those below the ladder while you’re climbing, you’ll surely meet them when you’re descending (Paraphrased)
Our existence as social animals would be useless if all we do is antagonize ourselves and not render assistance when needed. I realize those who render help are the happiest by a wide margin. They live a fulfilled life. Once you try to become an island, hoarding all your knowledge, you’re constantly committing suicide.

Wrapping up

Death for me is not giving up the ghost-only. It is living a life not worth emulating. A Life in which no one can point to any character and be proud of. A life that does not send emotional sensation down the spine of observers is no life for me, I’ll like to know what death is or means to you.

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Over to you

There are many things we do that means “suicide” in the long run, I’ll allow you figure the rest and probably share with us in the comment area. So permit me to ask, what are those things you do or others do which to you is suicide? How do you think these people can improve on these things and what are the effects of not improving? Do you think this list is a good one? Share your thoughts with us using the comment area below


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