Eight silent steps to request for a pay rise and promotion

Eight silent steps to request for a pay rise and promotion

how to get a pay rise and promotion

The work place is a place of some competition, but for those who know what is required of them, the competition is very much less, victory is always assured. The boss is one guy you always wish favours you but this favour must come at a price.
Not limiting the power of prayer, but there is no way you can pray your way to promotion, the rule is simple, “work and pray”, (or is it watch and pray? “watching” is working too). But more importantly is the new rule, “work smartly and pray”. Why can’t you pray your way to promotion? Here is it, You are praying, Paul is praying, Rose is praying, who will God answer and who will he ignore?.
So what do you do to get promoted? After reading this up, you’ll be exposed to what is required of you to land your pay rise or your promotion and constantly too.

Eight steps to getting your pay rise

There is need to understand how to “cajole” your boss or management to promoting you, and even giving you that pay increment even before you are due, and the following are simple steps you can take to achieve that.

1. Understand that the customer is always right

You shouldn’t try to win an argument against a customer, you should try to win the customer and there will be no argument. Whenever you see a customer as and place him as king, he’ll always want to return to you, and that is more sales to your name, Don’t think these customers are blind, they know from which angle the best service is coming from so when a recommendation is coming, they know where to point it at.

Realize your boss is your customer too, justify him

2. Realize that your boss is a customer too

Don’t think your “end users” only are your customers, treat your immediate boss and leaders as customers too and satisfy them, that done, you are good to go.Realize your boss is your customer too, justify him.

What is not seen does not exist

3. Be Seen

Don’t do your good works in hiding, don’t make others know you are publicizing too, be shrewd, promote your good works in ways they won’t realize you are promoting them, once in a while you might hear things like, “Only Blessing can be so careful to detail”, when this starts coming, you know you have started leaving an impression in their heart, but make sure they don’t realize “consciously” you are promoting your work. What is not seen does not exist,

4. Five minutes difference

What if you make sure you came in at least five minutes earlier? Your boss would trust you with time, and they can recommend you for something that has to do with punctuality, and then you get good ratings. It’s not just you coming in five minutes earlier, but also leaving at least five minutes later. Apart from vying for a promotion or pay rise, punctuality is actually the soul of business.

Punctuality is the soul of business

5. Talk to your boss

You need to identify your key roles in your office, and do them. Don’t just resume and close duty as a routine, ask him periodically what is expected of you, then try to over deliver(just a bit)

6. Pass it back

When you achieve any feat, point it back to your boss, he did it, not you. This way, he’ll feel more secured with your presence. You can make your boss insecure if you look or feel smarter than him and he can crush you, if you chose the reverse and make him feel smarter than he is, eventually, people will know you are the backbone of the team, and they will celebrate you, yet he will feel comfortable. Make your boss realize he’s still the boss.

7. Be loyal

Am not going to promote anybody whose loyalty is in doubt when I have other loyal people. It’s normal everywhere, you have to be loyal, so don’t forget that.

8. Get your mind off it

You need to get your mind off the rise and do your job, constantly thinking of the rise might make you bored, sad or feel it’s not forth coming, just focus on your job, and before you know it, you’ll get your letter.

If you follow the above simple step, you’ll announce to your boss and management that you are overdue to be promoted, and they have no choice than to promote you, because they want to keep you. You are now invaluable, so your pay will surely increase as your status increase.

Over to you, what do you think are the factors that encourage pay rise or promotion in the work place? Does punctuality play any role in pay increment? Do you think your boss will love you just by coming to work minutes earlier than normal and not rushing home? Share whatever your thoughts are with us using the comment area below.


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