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12 ways to make most of Social Media

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Social media has come, it has come for good and it has come to stay. While many people whine I the dangers in social media, I want to use this medium to point out ways to ensure safety for all the users of one social tool or the other. It has become pertinent because complaining about one thing or the other would not save any body, but pointing out areas that need to be strengthened would go a long way in assisting the users of the internet, social media and other social tools online.

Below I’ve made a list of several guides to help you stay safe, learn and have fun online and not regret a moment on the web.

1. Privacy First

I love it when people ask online “how did you add me” this although shouldn’t be done rudely, but with courtesy. Because it is a social arena you can be added at any time, however you have the discretion to accept or reject. Take time to scrutinize any request you receive, and feel free to use the reject, delete or ignore button(as applicable to the site you are on). You do not have to accept every request as hackers, trolls and several other bullies are around. DO not give a hint of your password and learn to use numbers and letters(upper and lowercase). You don’t have to tell anybody you would remove them before you do, because he or she might return with a different identity. Most sites do not notify people they’ve been removed or unfriended (expecially facebook and twitter).

Your issues and life problems are not for the web. Keep them personal. And do not divulge secrets about you or anyone. Your traveling or going to the bank and other sensitive places should not be discussed online as you do not know who’s watching.

2. Keep your tongue in check(this time your fingers)

many people have been arrested for speaking when they are not supposed to,others for saying things they are not permitted. Freedom of speech does not warrant you to say whatever you feel. Racial remarks, hate speech and statements of contempt must be avoided at all cost. Sometimes you keep your opinions expecially when they seem extreme. Watch how you react to political and football issues.

3. Don’t Get addicted: Remember the developers of the web did not use the to achieve that feat. The designers of facebook did not use facebook while growing up,the owners of Yahoo! Did not use yahoo, this is now their Job and office,they earn their livelihood from these site and they’re making it big,don’t make their “work place” and success limit your own. These people live very fine because they are successful, don’t let that make you a failure or mediocre at best. Take days off, sometimes go on a month break or more if you can (you should). Limit how often you access your account(except maybe your email because of messages from clients etc)

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4. Get bloggers onto your list: This should be a choice anyway. But I strongly recommend you get a few,just a few respectable bloggers on to your list.You would learn immensely having them. It should be mixed, bloggers from different niche(as they call there are of specializations). Get entertainment/News bloggers,to make you timeline lively and up to date, get a tech blogger so you’d get tips on gadgets and other things, get me on your list for self development and thought provoking discussons (I’m sorry for being selfish),there are other types of bloggers too you might need. Lifestyle,health,science,finance etc. I must warn though,it might get irritating having too much of these ones’ on around you-Gosh,bloggers share links a lot! Like I said,you’ll learn a lot with them around you. Be picky,so as to get the responsible ones.

5. Be positive: Only in physics does opposite charge attract. In life like attract like. If you are negativethe web is big enough to find people like you. Be positive and optimistic. See the good side of things and don’t get into arguments as this might alter your mood and soil your day remember the best way to win an argument is to avoid it. Also respect peoples’ opinion, realize every one has got and are entitled to their opinion. Don’t be ‘too’ opinionated.
6. Watch your back: A lot goes into building a reputation online, and if you are one of those who are highly in love with their social accounts,then you do not want to be hacked. Obey all security tips given by the site and change your passwords regularly. Don’t login from just any device. Clear cookies and cache before and after you use a public computer or device.(cookies and cache are small files stored on devices to remember your choice and options,including your password).

7. Get involved: Don’t just sit and watch, comment, reply comments and make posts. Of what purpose are you there if you don’t say a word? Reply messages and ask questions to also get others involved.
8. Watch your emotions: people start developing feelings of love and affection even online. If you have a weak emotion,watch how close you become involved with people,and when you are caught in the web of such,speak out to people,get help if needed. Understand that people are also embarrassed s*xually online too,both male and female,don’t keep quiet,speak out and report to the appropriate when need be.

9. Spring surprises: how would you feel when you get a surprise call from someone you are friends with on facebook? Happy? That’s how someone else would feel,make that surprise call,send someone text on his/her birthday. How about giving freebies like recharge cards or something? Spring any surprise…Put smiles on faces.
10. Observe your Birth day: I’m not saying you should celebrate your birthday, I mean observe the day, how was it? The more messages you get tells how valuable you are to people. Did you get any call? Text?(offline from online friends) any inbox online? These and more are pointers to how valuable you are to people. Work on yourself as the case maybe.

11. respect your offline friends too: understand there are some people who are not cut out for social media, and when you are with them respect their view. The web is not compulsory. Don’t disdain people because they opt not to go “social”
12. Enjoy it: Just enjoy the moment: you’d be 75 soon and you’d not have the urge to tweet or post a status anymore,so now that you do have the time utilize it and have fun.

Doing these would also help those who are involved in social media marketing.

Over to you. What do you think? What should I have added or remove? Talk to us and let hear from you…



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