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8 Signs You are Under using Your Smartphone

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Over 60% of mobile users use a Smartphone. Smartphones have taken over the gadget market and an extension of these smartphones are the tablets and phablets we see daily. Although there are not too many makers of Smartphone OSes’ there is much hardware manufacturers. Samsung, Tecno, HTC, Infinix are examples of hardware manufacturers, while Apple, RIM, Google, and Microsoft are the makers of iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows respectively and these are the major smartphones in the market, except for the almost forgotten blackberry.

There is more to the use of smartphones more than just chatting, music, taking selfies and the like. Simply put, smartphones are more than just multimedia tools. And a lot of people out there under use their smart devices.

When things are underused that means they are not used to capacity. Most of its functions are not being put to use so if you find yourself not using most of the functions listed below then you know your device is been underused, and it probably possesses more strength than you use it for.

8 ways you under use your smartphone

1. To do

If you still complain you miss your activities then you are not making use of your smartphones. Smartphones are equipped with apps for making To-Do-lists. And you need to start using them today. If yours’ do not have then visit your app store or app world to download a suitable app for yourself.

2. Weather

Do you get caught by the rain while on an outing? Then you are not using the weather app on your phone. Weather apps are used to detect the weather of the day or a particular period of time and it is very important you use them and often too. You don’t need to be caught unawares anymore, just use your gadget(s).

3. G.P.S

You cannot have a smartphone and not use its GPS feature, and you claim to be smart. GPS helps in locating locations especially like cinemas, eateries etc near you.

4. Banking

Don’t waste time on queues, time is precious. Learn to use your mobile apps for banking, they are safe, secure and fast (provided they are the official apps from your institution). With your banking app, you can transfer, pay, check balance etc which would ultimately save time.

5. Zero Education

Your Smartphones have the ability to render PDF files, most (if not all have PDF readers preinstalled), not taking this advantage to study with your smartphone is serious underusing. You can download materials for free on google, bing and other search engines to read for your course or cause, improve yourself.

6. Health

Your smartphone should also have good health tools to help you learn something about your health. From checking of heart beats, pregnancy test, etc Phones can be used. You can also get good health tips from good tools and this is very important.

7. Knowledge

Do you read with your smartphone or not? If you don’t then you have to start. You do not need to have a big library of books in your house, you can get them with you everywhere and anywhere as e-books. E-books come in pdf formats which are very small in size and can be read at any time. You can get e-books for free on the web, or you can buy just as you buy books. Whatever you are interested in there is an e-book for you.

8. You don’t browse inspired Smartphones with your smartphones Always

You would be highly under using your device if you don’t browse this blog frequently with it. (It’s a serious Joke).

Over to you

There you have it. There are few apps too, which you can or should use. I leave those for you to share with us.
Whatever app you feel I should have added, kindly share with us using the comment area below.


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