Six Reasons why you must conceal your OBJECTIVES

Six Reasons why you must conceal your OBJECTIVES


If you are in the habit of talking because you are around those you called your loved once, chances are that you would be or are called a talkative. Some others are not but they just don’t know when to talk and when to keep shut-they talk randomly.
Which ever of the above groups you find yourself in, there is a mistake commonly made. And that mistake makes all the difference. YOUR INTENTIONS. Do you expose or keep them secretive.
For every talkative, he’s got no secret. Everything on his mind is always known by those around him. Hence he is seen as an ordinary person. If you must be respected by all, you must learn and keep the principle which forms the basis of this post.
You must know that its not every thing that has to be said or voiced out. You must keep secrets to both make those around you insecure and also secured.
You must CONCEAL your intentions.
When your intentions are made secret, it makes you larger than life. You are revered and you spring surprises.
Here we’re going to see the demerits of exposing our intentions. exposing your intentions doea all but not limited to these
1.    You are predictable: when we all know what you are up to, we can predict how you’ll react to certain thing that’s happening. We know how to get at you. You become our “puppet”
2.    You lose the ability of springing up surprises: yeah! The world loves surprises. If you loose this ability, you become boring and we’ll do away with you soonest.
3.    Lesser chances of achieving the intended: Haven’t you noticed? If you let your intentions known, chances are that you wont achieve them(or up to the standard you anticipated)
4.    Puts you under needless pressure: alright you’ve told him your plans, thinking it’ll make you admired? It wont, it’ll rather put the pressure to perform on you, and not so many can work under pressure. The pressure is also partly because you won’t want to disappoint.
5.    You can even get discouraged: Some friends are just bunch of “discouragers”. Whatever you want to do, they’ll see why you shouldn’t and why you can’t. They’ll dampen your spirit and morale.
6.    Your ideas might get sabotaged or stolen: don’t you think someone somewhere might steal your ideas, plans or sabotage your move?
So that was some of the reasons you should conceal your intentions, think well my friend, not all of those around you are actually your lovers and friend, you have to be wise and smart. And lets take a quick look at some of the benefits of concealing your intentions.

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1.    You’re unpredictable: believe me this means power
2.    You’re the master of surprises: Everybody loves surprises ,and with you they be any dulling moment
3.    You’ll be free to start up at a more convenient time and at your own pace-and that’s freedom.
4.    No pressure, no discouragement, your ideas are yours to keep.
5.    You can secretly seek peoples opinions on how they’ll do theirs without making them know that’s what you’re up to- and that’ll produce better results
My friend , limit the way you expose yourself to just anybody, people are not as good as they seem. They smile with you this moment because things are well and good, the moment things go wrong, they’ll use all they know about you against you. Be wise and stay in charge!

Perhaps you think I left out one or two things, do let me know. What is your opinion about what you just read. Do you agree or disagree with me on any of them? Let me hear you! Use the comment box below.

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