Newbie blogger ? Your first six problems and solutions

Newbie blogger ? Your first six problems and solutions

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It’s a prestige to address yourself as a blogger, especially as a Pro-Blogger. But reaching the height of a professional does come at a cost. The challenges of being a newbie blogger can be daunting. There is a lot of work, physically, mentally and otherwise needed to be put into it, lots of energy expended both physically and emotionally.
Going beyond the first most conventional challenge of knowing and choosing which platform to use a newbie blogger, whether the free blogger, free wordpress, joomla, drupal or the paid wordpress, there exist even more challenges to face in the cause of your journey as an amateur blogger and at the end of this post you would have gotten an insight into what to expect and be able to anticipate possible solutions even before time, this is very important because being pro active is far better than being on the defensive.
As stated earlier, there is a lot needed to become a pro blogger and for you to be successful you have to make a prior decision to face these challenges squarely because the popular saying is true “No Guts No GLORY”

No Guts No GLORY

There are a lot of Niches to choose from as a blogger and the very first advice from me to you on that is to choose a niche you are very comfortable with. One in which you have passion and love for. Passion here is defined as “that which you can do even without being paid for”. Doing this would have eradicated the problem of “losing steam” as a newie blogger. A lot of people start blogs for the love of money, while I won’t say this is wrong, I would advise you do what you love, else you are set for a Hellish experience. Lest I forget, a Niche in blogging means a particular Topic or area of specialization your blog would be based or focus on.
What are the 5 major challenges of a newbie blogger? Let’s get into it without further ado.

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1) Power: I feel for the bloggers who are in or operates from any of the 3rd world nations, because this shouldn’t be a problem in the 21st century. It is very challenging to blog from an area where there is epileptic power supply. The solution to this is another problem or would lead to another problem(which I’ll make reference to in the number 3 of this post). So as a new blogger(in a 3rd world nation) you need to make arrangements for power as there is a very big possibility you won’t be getting power as often as needed.

Things you might need to combat power issues as a newbie blogger

a) You might get a big power bank if mobility is essential (one which can power your computer),
b) a solar electrification system (to help the scourge of global warming)
c) A generator -if that would do.

2) Ideas: This is a challenge for almost everybody. Irrespective of which level of blogging you are, a pro or an amateur. You might have heard of a writer (for instance) complain of writers block, he is technically complaining of the same thing. You, as a new blogger stand to run out of ideas and this is another major purpose you choose a niche where you do what you love to do. If you follow the crowd to blog about their own ideas or love, at a point, your steam would burn out and then you might give up. But if you blog about what you love and comfortable with, when the issue of a lack of idea arise, you will be able to overcome it easily.

3) Funds: Blogging is very profitable. But for those who want to experience its profitability, they must understand that nothing goes for nothing. Blogging has become a very big commercial venture, gone are the days where you go into blogging and spend next to nothing, today, it’s a very different ball game altogether. You must be ready and willing to spend. And that’s where the problem is-the fund to spend. The economy of the world is getting worse on a daily basis, inflation, discrepancies in exchange rates among others. To get this sorted, I always tell new bloggers to have put in place a means of income on or before their blog starts off. To be relevant among competitors you need at least a domain name, a host(if you are on wordpress),custom domain-if need be, social media handles and or advert media, as stated earlier you also need to get a source of power supply and all these require funds, however little.

4) Right Information/orientation: The web is full of information, you are here because you need to be informed. But sometimes the information given are anachronistic (i.e. they were once correct, but are no longer correctly working-not that they are wrong) hence the need to get the latest information or be updated so as to make correct choices. Sometimes, a pessimistic blogger might give pessimistic information that would not help you make ambitious moves, just because he/she didn’t achieve it by being ambitious in that regard. For instance, blogging can be a get rich quick scheme, as against what many people believe, it’s all about the information at your disposal. I’m glad I am among the very few people who think otherwise. I have worked with several bloggers who have proven my thesis to be correct. I have given tutorials to people who make quick cash doing almost nothing on their blogs; it’s all about the information. So seek the right and new information and see yourself growing, no man is an island of knowledge. (I could teach you how to make quick cash with your blog, if you contact me here)

5) Discipline and determination: If you think getting all the money in the world to invest in your blog solves all the problem, then think again. You need discipline to do certain things; you also need determination to carry on when you start losing steam. What is discipline? I know your dictionary would give you big definition of discipline, but I’ll make for you a very simple definition of discipline. “Discipline is that which helps you do what is right, without being told or forced to do it”. Sometimes, you’ll not want to get out of bed to make a post, you might be too lazy to perform certain blogging rituals, discipline and determination would help you do the needful as a newbie blogger.

6) Traffic Issues: Everybody needs traffic. Even the “almighty” facebook still run advert, they still want to retain the number of those using their platform per time(this is why I think the reach of links on posted on pages are constantly on a decline). So you are not alone in this. All the blogs and sites want to get even more traffic. Are you facing traffic issues? As a newbie blogger this is one of your biggest challenge, you need to face it squarely. Getting traffic is not easy so there are a few things you need to do to get traffic. You might consider buying large social media accounts, paid traffic/adverts, do SEO etc. You can contact me for any or all of these.

There you have it. These are challenges or problems you must tackle to achieve success in the beautiful world of blogging. You might want to contact me to help you out on any of the issues discussed above.

You might also have something to add, Do you think there is something I’ve omitted, or there is something wrong in the post, please use the comment area below.


    • Hello Prince, SEO is the short term for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which search engines are given information about a web page and also how these web pages are indexed to be served when any one search for information. I’ll explain better in a later post, meanwhile you can send me a message on facebook so I can give you tips, use the harshtag #BlogCommenter so I can know its from you. Thanks for visiting and reading. hope to have you here again!
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  1. Hi bisco,
    You’ve done a great work writing on how to help new bloggers get along the way.

    I must comment that every newbie just like me shouldn’t be afraid of where and how to start…all have been put in place, you just need to get out there and work it out.

    As i said, you should start from somewhere and dont forget! Learn from your erros-they do abound

    • Hello Harrison, thanks for visiting,reading and leaving your thought. I quite agree, every new blogger must start from somewhere and because they have to face their fear is one reason why I put up this post so they should know what to expect. thanks for reading,I hope you check back more often.

  2. Well prepared article. Thanks for sharing this. Bisco my problems are just traffic and writing. Any tips on how to write an engaging blog post. And also getting some good traffic. Thanks.

    • Hello Neftali, AM glad you like the post. Your problems are writing and traffic? well I’ll start from the second, which is traffic, you see almost everybody online have a problem with traffic, even Facebook advertises’. So to solve that problem, you might want to consider advertising, building an email list, buying or building a social handle(like a twitter acct) ec, this should help a new blog before SEO traffic starts. Then the first problem you stated is writing. You might consider reading wide, this would give you ideas to write on. write every time even though its not an article to be posted, practice they say make perfect(or better) those great writers started one day and they continued practicing.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate and look forward to seeing you again.

    • Thank you blessing, I’m glad you liked the post. Adsense seems playing hard to get even after following their guidelines, I urge you to keep trying, meanwhile you can explore other methods of monetizing before they approve you. Thanks and hope you check back often.

  3. I really love this article. I’ve read a couple of blogging articles on your blog and I’ve learnt a lot. I used to be a very lazy blogger but I’ve now known what it really takes to be a blogger. I never new I could write quality articles until I brushed through this blog and was educated about blogging. When I started blogging, I used to write posts of maybe 100-200 words due to inexperience but this blog has thought me a lot that I can brag of articles worth 500-700 words now. Thanks to you so grateful.

    • Thanks Simon, I appreciate your visit and I’m totally humbled that you can learn from me. I hope you improve your blogging life and start getting the rewards of blogging. I hope you always see reasons to visit. stay InspiredFully


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