Six great things you do that will never make you great

Six great things you do that will never make you great

Hello, let’s discuss about our actions daily and how they affect our growth level. Here I’ll be listing six great things I know would never make anybody great.
Perhaps by now you’re thinking “what does he mean by this, six great things that would not make me great”…don’t worry, after reading this you’re very likely to agree with me. Feel free to disagree and make your mind known using the comment section, it’s highly welcome.
Great people don’t just become great by a stroke of chance, a lot has to be put in to achieve greatness, and so many mistakes have to be made. The more the mistakes, the more the chances of a LASTING success. An intelligent writer once said, to succeed in life make mistakes, and make them often. Thomas Edison is a quintessential. And the lessons learnt from these mistakes are what we are going to address today.

As negligible as these points may be, I beseech you not to ignore them, they might be too minute to note, but happy is he who practices these.

Here I’ll list and give short notes on these six negligible parts or habits of our life.

You are a great eater: “There is time for everything”, the bible says. Also the saying goes “when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”. Why do you eat? To finish the bowl or to be satisfied? One who has a life purpose would not limit his life by what he eats. You earn and spend most of your earnings on food and merriment, you need to watch it. I’m not against you enjoying yourself, no. My point is that you should not let your stomach deprive you of your glory.

“and Daniel proposed in his heart not to defile his body with the kings meat”

I have noticed poor people work for their stomach. They are always concerned about what they’ll eat. Immediately after breakfast, they’re planning for lunch(not ignoring brunch),then after lunch Dinner is inevitable. You must learn to sacrifice now for tomorrow
“learn to practice delayed gratification”
I also noticed the poor are mostly hungry. I don’t know if you have too. The rich(I’m referring to financial wealth here) always eat little and are full, but the poor must finish what they have in their plate. Eating is great and should be done to the glory of God, but when it starts to get too much, and then it might hinder your greatness.

You are a great Sleeper: You cannot cheat nature; I choose to say that before you do. And I totally agree with you, just so that you also agree with me that if you cannot cheat nature, nature would cheat you(I hope you agree with me on that), one of you just have to be in the winning seat. Why not decide to be the one dictating.
“don’t follow the time, tell it where to go”
dictating for time I suppose should be what every potential achiever should be doing. Someone once said and I subscribe to it “control your life or someone else will” for the sake of this topic, allow me to rephrase that by saying “control your life or your bed will-Ibitade

“control your life or your bed will”.

I do not doubt the fact that sleeping is essential for our growth, neither am I also saying you shouldn’t sleep. But remember “greater things happen at night”, and even the good book stated “when man slept, the wicked came”.
SHOULD I STOP SLEEPING? NO! I’ve not said you should stop sleeping. My point is for you to reduce your sleep as a matter of urgency.
I was at the hospital some weeks back-just for check up,I was feeling very fine,but I don’t want to joke with my health in any way. So I was discussing with my doctor and I made mention of my sleeping style,guess his reaction, SURE you know what he’ll say and how he’llreact. No NO No!!! you have to sleep well, at least 8hours for a healthier you. I allowed him educate me on what I knew, then I asked a question that’ll surprise him. “excuse me,did you sleep that for 8 hours to become a doctor, as one who knows and studied health?” he laughed and wanted to avoid the question, but I insisted,and he answered NO. I think that exonerated me.
Aliko Dangote (Africas’ richest man) once talked about sleep and said it’ll be very difficult to get youths who would sleep 4 hours and spend the remaining day planning and executing their plans. And I’m adding now that while you can hardly find such, you could easily find youths spending hours during the night making free calls(during the early days of night calls) today social media has taken over.
Sleep, but reduce how much you sleep, your future should be more important than sleeping.

You are a great talker: Very good, you got yourself a vocation and perhaps an occupation. You can become a radio presenter. That’s one of the  pros’ being a talkative(I have not called presenters talkative though). But that’s not all. A talk extremist can really be a turn off. You don’t know when to stop talking consequently you always add your own to the story.( that might be another way to say “you always Lie”). That’s what talking too much brings to the table. Lies, doubts, grudges, anger, hate …etc.
Talking is great because not everybody have the ability to talk, some are dumb, so having the ability to talk is worth celebrating. But talking moderately is essential. Talking has gotten many in trouble and you don’t want to make the list.
When you talk and say everything you know, you loose the ability to spring surprises because you say your mind and plans even before you’re ready to start your projects, and I figured plans leaked have a lesser chances of materializing.

You are a great “walk-aholic”: the devils biggest tool against being studious and somewhat greatness  is restiveness and inability to comprehend facts. Face it, whenever you are reading any book, you remember something you haven’t done and should have done, so you get up from your seat. Why? You are restive. Always walking, or gallivanting as on of my teachers would call it. Once you are able to beat the spirit or habit of restiveness, you’ll see a very substantial improvement in your life in the long run. Dr. Ken Kata(who was once notorious in crime while in high/secondary school) would put it this was “Sit Down”. Its not normal you find one reason to always get up from your study to do something you considered unimportant or something you couldn’t do before. There is time or everything, so face the task at hand and make the most of it. Walking is great, as some people are lame, but do not let your feet walk you to failure. Control it and make it walk to stardom.

“work while you work and play while you play”

You are a great doubter: You are almost justified for being a doubter, because the times are evil. However the secrets of success do not understand or follow the times. It is constant, neither does it change, the things which must be done must be done to get the required result. Its could have been great(don’t you think?) to be a doubter, because many have become gullible to cheap scams, tricks and hoaxes, so you might defend yourself but you need not become a great doubter, you don’t need the Thomas spirit, why? Because of number six below

You are a great Care taker: “Take care? People who take care don’t go anywhere” said Robert Schuller in his book Tough times never last, but tough people do. Care takers really do not go anywhere. They are low and always underachieve. Successful people always take risks,-calculated risks, not blind risks. Some people have struck gold and called it luck when actually its one risk or the other that paid off. You have to be vigilant so as to be able to take opportunities around you.

Real opportunities are every where, but they’re missed because they are dressed as work.

Ben Carson talked extensively, and even wrote a best seller on taking risks. In his book Take the risk, he took his time to break down his risky and successful career. Bishop Benson Idahosa stated it better –the greatest risk in life is not taking risks. So Take the Risk.
“There is risk in not Taking risk”

From sleeping to taking risks, you’ll easily overlook any of them, because of how small they seem. But these little things are really determinants in our every day life. I’ll like to hear from you. Please do share your thoughts with me using the comment box, I’d appreciate.


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