six basics required to start a new blog

six basics required to start a new blog

basics to start a new blog

There are a few things you need to start a new blog. When I started I didn’t know any of these and there were no blog posts given such information as these (at least I found non) and I had to start up on trial and error. So due to the influx of people into the blogging world today, I have come up with a list of things needed to start up a good blog.

Things Needed to Start a New Blog

1. Laptop

If you want to blog, then you need to own a Personal Computer, preferably a laptop for ease. Although you can make use of a public computer in a café, you still need to keep some data for yourself(you might want to use flash drive for this, just in case you don’t have the means for a PC)

2. Right Blogging Platform

There are two major platforms, blogger and wordpress. Once you’re decided to get into blogging, your next challenge is to choose the right platform. I’ll always advice newcomers to use blogger and then move to wordpress. Some bloggers remain on blogger and this is no problem at all. But make sure you are very comfortable with whichever decision you take and are not influenced by anybody to remain or move where you don’t want.

3. The right domain name

If you want your blog to sound well to people and you want to be taken serious, then you must get a domain name for yourself, the popular blogger platform by google would offer you a free domain name however you have to get yours to be a “force” to be reckoned with. A domain name can cost as less as a dollar so it shouldn’t be a problem. More than just getting a domain name is getting the right one. Your name should explain what your blog is all about even without me visiting. If you run a news blog and your domain name is not about news and info, you might be getting the wrong traffic. Also SEO begins with your domain name. you should not fall into the temptation of using your name as your domain name, unless you are a celebrity, a lot of bloggers fall into this trap.

4. A premium Template

Your blog template is the structure of how your blog would be seen. It is the skeleton of your blog and you must choose one that speaks well of your blog. People would judge your blog by its design too so you must choose a good template. When you use wordpress for instance and you use a free template, there might be some malicious codes attached to harm you and benefit the designer, this is bad for the SEO of your blog and can mean your efforts would not yield much success. So you need to get a premium template to do well SEO wise, to get a good aesthetic effect and to somewhat impress your readers.

5. A Smartphone

Yes you need a smartphone to keep up with your work. If you publish a post, you need to share links to the post. And build links if you are interested in SEO, so a smartphone is highly essential. You would also want to meet fellow bloggers especially those in your niche so you can start building relationships with them to improve and learn the necessary things in your field.

6. Little Funds

You need funds to buy all the above mentioned. You need funds to run a little ad campaign to get your blog’s name to the general public, you need funds to do a lot of things and this would ease how hard you work, when you have a little amount of money to throw around your blog.

Those are the basic necessities you need for a new blog. After starting up your blog you might need an email list collector to get emails from your subscribers. So you can have a community like following around your blog. I will write on the things you need once your blog is started, so you can start doing well in no time, just stick to this blog, we are committed to raising entrepreneurs.

Over to you, what did you start blogging with if you are already a blogger. If you are just getting into blogging, what are the tools you have? And what do you think is missing in this my list? Share with us using the comment area below.


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