Risks you must take en-route success

Risks you must take en-route success


In life there are risks that are inevitable. Absconding from any of them means not enjoying the pleasure, “fear” and ecstasy associated,the fear of risk have made many go into the study of risk management.
Generally, everything in life is risky, however people often misunderstand risk to be very bad and which must be avoided hence their stagnancy. If you ever dodge any of the risks life presents, you “might” be forgiven, but doing away with any of the under listed would directly affect your daily life-and adversely too.
This might not be an ultimate list; however it’s an indisputable list.

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1.    Success :  success is rather relative. It essentially is living out your dream(or at  least most of it)as you have planned or dreamt of it.  There are many people who have given up hope on leading a successful life. Financially, they think good people don’t exist. That any rich person/people are dubious and fraudulent; they believe they won’t make it except if they go into crime. Some others think they cannot make it academically or career wise. But all of these are all alibis, and hello-an alibi is a lie! You have to give a shot at success in every of your Endeavor. Risk a chance at succeeding, it’s worth it.

2.    God(Religion) : Albert Einstein said it all about Religion when he said “science without religion is blind, religion without science is lame”. The holy bible said also that “the fool saith in his heart that there is no God”. The bible said it and science one way or the other as well points that there is God somewhere…(through its facts that are near biblical accounts). You just cannot miss taking the risk as to if there is God or not. So many rational thoughts points to the fact that there is God, so like Ben Carson said, “Take the risk”.

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3.    Love: is there Love? Does love truly exist? If it did, does it still? So many questions about love. If you are in the category of those who asks/asked any of these questions, let me shock you- Love exists. It truly does. Look around you sincerely, it does. If God exists, then love does, because God is Love.(that’s the shortest definition of love). Think of Romeo and Juliet. Think of Titanic. Think of many couples who are very different from others. These are all proofs of loves’ existence. If you still don’t believe there is love, then you need not to, just risk it. Just go in search of love. Go out and find that beautiful person. Share your life with him or her. Truth is, if there is a fake or a clone, then there is an original. It might only be difficult to find, but there is ultimately. Find it. Risk it.

4.    Yourself: you cannot miss being yourself. You miss a lot when you lead a double life. A life that’s not your own. When you live the life of others, you die a counterfeit, and that’s an insult on yourself, your being and your creator. Those people you imitate are not different , they’re humans too, with ONE head as you. You don’t have to be like them always, they must accept you for your person if they really are your friends or loved ones. They need not convert you to themselves. Be yourself, even when it seems too difficult to, that’s the exact time you need to be yourself. A lot of people live the lives of other people, this is not a style of champions, it is not your style. If being yourself is a risk –common, take the risk!

5.    Risk: Life itself is a risk. People sleep and die from their sleep. So if you’re scared of that extremely “RISKY” venture, remember you daily take the greatest risk- the risk of sleeping and waking(did I get that English correct? Forgive me if I didn’t). People also eat and the food goes the wrong way, something terrible happens to them, but it does not happen to you(or at least you are fine and are reading this in health), that means you can be a successful risk taker too. Benson Idahosa once said, there is risk in not taking risk. So basically, everything in life is risky. If you then select or decide not to take those ground breaking risks, you do so at your own peril. You miss the joy of untold success and the wonderful feeling it brings. Take calculated risks, stop shying away from one of the characters that  distinguish us from lower animals. You can win if only you believe you can. Go ahead and plan that risky deal, take it. Stake all your neck out for that exam, cross that life threatening bridge(not literary),achieve success and live a happy life.

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What do you think about taking risks? What is your opinion about risk takers? Do you subscribe to taking risks? Whatever you think about taking risk, let me hear(or read) your comments and contributions using the comment box below. Remember to share this too, take the risk of sharing and challenge your friends to success…

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  1. To me life is nothing risk and only those who take risk survive just like love its crazy. Sometimes i imagine we all wake up one day to realize that faith and love are dreams.Whatever its risk is involve.


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