Reasons why Lil-Kesh is right to leave YBNL

Reasons why Lil-Kesh is right to leave YBNL

Lil kesh leaving YBNILand olamide

 I have never posted such stuff on this blog, I feel its time we just ease out and add a little spice to it all, as they say Variety is the spice of life. Enjoy!

In case you don’t know Lil kesh, he is a young Nigerian rapper in his early twenties, he started his musical career under the record label named YBNL which CEO is Olamide, another young and talented rapper. A few years after his debut and rise to stardom and after just one album, Lil Kesh, after running out of contract with YBNL has opted not to renew his contract and float his own record label, and as usual this has raised dust in the world of music and social media. Many people have given reasons why he should remain with the boss who gave him a shot at limelight.

Unlike everybody taking a swipe at the youngster for his “ambitious” move and giving reasons why he’s very likely not to succeed, I want to point out why Lil Kesh is very likely to succeed, or simply put, why Lil Kesh is right to float his own record label.
I don’t know why it is that many (indeed almost all) are seeing why this guy won’t succeed, and having studied many success stories, I am unperturbed he’ll do well.
Reasons Lil Kesh will succeed in his new record label.

Below are my reasons why I know(not think) this guy Lil Kesh would succeed.

1. Nobody gave his boss a chance: show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are. You might think that phrase has became a cliché, but I tell you it has not. Just as Olamide want given a chance in his brand of music, Lil Kesh is also not been given a chance to succeed in his decision, and I believe Olamide would have mentored him on how to face such resistance. So condemn him all you want he stands a chance because he dines with one who also suffered condemnation.
2. You don’t know what you can do until you are in the position: Do you know that body hormone called adrenaline? It prompts you to be better than super man when need be, it makes you perform magic(things you wouldn’t have dreamt of doing), this hormones kicks into action without calling it, it knows when its needed, And same applies to our abilities. We don’t know the extent to which we can achieve success until we throw out hats in the ring. So allow Lil Kesh a shot at breakthrough

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To succeed you need to fail early, fail often and fail forward

3. Failure is not final: for everybody who understands success and for those that have experienced it too, you’ll agree with me that failure is a path to success, Someone intelligently said, failure is not final and success is not fatal, I quite agree. You see, to succeed you need to first taste the bitter pills of failure and the earlier the better, you will have the best opportunity to bounce back and attempt again.
To succeed you need to fail early, fail often and fail forward, that is the recipe of success.

4. He can still use YBNL: I think it might be or could be another business strategy. YBNL retains it endorsements, then YAGI source for new endorsements of its own, but YBNL still does the music (underground), people would call YAGI, but YBNL is still incharge.( this is a layman’s’ view, don’t take my word for it, incase you are a music person, )
5. He’ll still leave one day: like it or not, he’ll still leave YBNL someday, so why postpone the inevitable? Why not let him leave not to see if the land is greener on the other side, in case its not, he can use fertilizer , don’t mind me!)
6. Davido and Wizkid: I know those names rings a bell in your ear. Yes they have their own record labels too, and they are just within 6 years from each other, so Lil Kesh can attempt what his mates are attempting
7. He’ll succeed: Just be optimistic, don’t think bad of him!

Those are my thoughts on that, I just decided to write what I thought, I’m not a music produce, just an enthusiast and a lover of good music( I mean POP, RnB, rock and roll nd what we call “Blues”) not even the hip hop of these guys.
What do you think? Do you share my sentiments on this? What do you think might become of Lil Kesh? Lets hear from you using the comment system below.

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[highlight]Disclaimer: This post does not define the position of InspiredFully on Lil Kesh, YBNL or any of their dealings whatsoever, it is clearly and totally the opinion of the poster[/highlight]


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  1. Bro, I agree with you he’ll make it even far more than he has, he’s already a household name.. He is young, so if he fails, there’s far more rooms for corrections, so unless you want him to probably remain stagnant, he needs to start trying new things.

    • Absolutely my brother Abayomi, He’ll succeed once the right things are put in place, he’s quite young and he still has chances to make mistakes and take corrections which is a constant on the road to success, thanks for reading and leaving this beautiful comment, I hope you visit more often.


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