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Are you really achieving your childhood dreams? What happened to them?

really achieving your childhood dreams

When you hear of really achieving your childhood dreams what comes to your mind? What happened to your dreams, Your Passion, Your life?

Growing up, many of us had dreams, amazing dreams at that. Dreams that were big enough to move mountains. But here is a big question for you, How About those dreams today?.

Making the Case

Before I got admission into the university, I started blogging. I actually began around the time I was leaving secondary school. And after secondary school, I began to expand my knowledge base. Being who I am, I refused to be dependent on my parents financially, so I had the hope that blogging would pay my bills which prompted me to seek salary jobs so as to foot the bills en-route learning.

My dad prior to now (then of course), would not allow any of his children to work at such age, I was 17. My older siblings who wanted to work at that level would go to work and not let him know, but I refused to be like that. I was more or less “stubborn”, that kind of stubbornness your parents would be proud of in the end and we were both happy ultimately.

In my several places of work, they knew I had dreams-Ambitions that propelled me. It was not difficult to see that I was different from my peers. But that is not the issue here, my point is in the kids I taught. I made sure they too had dreams to die for, visions to chase, and as I always thought exam classes, I can’t recall anyone child failing, they( their parents, colleagues and my employers) thought I was good. I got many referrers, and I was thankful to God. What helps me to succeed is that instead of forcing the kids to learn, I stir up their desire to learn. They look forward to every day of learning.

And then, On a regular basis, I call on a few of them to address the class. I ask them to tell me about their plans for the future. It’ll amaze you how crystal clear the dreams of the kids were.

I want to be a pilot, I want to fly the president…and on and on and on he tells me how he hopes to achieve it-Impressively. I want to be a nurse, I will…bla blah blah. It is always inspiring the way they feel about tomorrow. And this made me realize we all had dreams, ambitions, and vision we nursed.

No matter how phlegmatic on can be, he would have that one desire, even though not as strong as that of a sanguine. And reminiscing that experience after some years, the question burns in my heart. “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR DREAMS, DESIRES, AND ASPIRATIONS”?

I know truly you had one, you desired something, are you living your dream today. If no, Why? In life today, many people have given up their happiness because they thought they had no choice. For instance, if you lived or wanted to school in Nigeria, there is this hustle and tussle for admission into the university. Because of the limited spaces available in the tertiary institutions, many are denied the admission, and there are a supposed “(UN)lucky” ones who are given admission to study what they didn’t apply for. Many reject it(which I don’t support), there are those who accept the admission whom I also frown at(for accepting and relaxing).

Those who don’t try again. Those who believe in Fate and not in faith. I want to believe this is where people start losing their dreams. I spoke to a few of this semi-lucky people, and I found out that in losing their dreams, they want to console themselves with the idea they would make so much money.


WHAT?!!! Money at the expense of your joy? Your happiness? Too bad buddy. This brings me to again to another point of view, Why do many chase money at the expense of their dreams? I would suppose money should be a proof of the quality of life you’re living, it should not be the goal of your living at the expense of your dreams.

I’m not of the opinion that one should not get money, far from that, in fact, I have plans to get money myself, and lots of it for that matter, but not at the expense of my dreams, ambitions or life goals.

Do not let circumstances push you to trade your dreams for money. Do not let the forces of the ether(universe) in their bid to creating space for the resilient ones’ relegate you to the background.

Really achieving your childhood dreams? Here is the Purpose of living your dreams

death is the universal thing because not all lived, but all would die

Living your dreams and living life consequently can be really fulfilling, and that’s one reason why you should chase your dreams over the money. Like I said above, I’m not against getting lots of money in your account, that is a very beautiful feat to achieve, but it should not be the only force behind your existence. A great philosopher said and I totally concur, “death is the universal thing because not all lived, but all would die”. If you do not live your dream, you have not lived, you’ve only existed.

Consequences of living for the money Alone

There are more dreams dead than alive today because of those who give in to and surrender to the “circumstances of life”.

The major consequence I want to point out on this topic is regret. When we live our life for the money alone, on our dying bed, we will be full of regrets, because the purpose of our existence would have been defeated. “When the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”. You shouldn’t live your life and end it on the altar of regrets. Even in the midst of so much, financially, regret is still very much possible; this is as a result of abuse of purpose. The only reason why the burial ground is the most fertile place is that the grave is the home of dead dreams. There are more dreams dead than alive today because of those who give in to and surrender to the “circumstances of life”.


Live for your dreams and device a way of making more financially, your dream does not stop you from making money, but money can stop you from living your dream. You don’t want to “exist” in life and end up wishing you “lived” life. Remember everybody dies but not everybody lived.

Over to you, what do you think about this? Should money overrule dreams or the other way round? Share with us using the comment area below.


  1. Great post Bisco.
    I totally agree with you.
    Money can’t overrule your dreams. Living your dreams actually happiness and money can’t buy happiness. Money can only buy material possessions.

    One of the reasons why people are not living their dreams is the fear of taking a bold step out of their comfort zones. The fear of rejection and the fear of failure are the reasons people remain in their comfort zones.

  2. Nice one Bisco Ibitade… I totally agree with you that we all had blossoming dreams when we were gay. But then, if there is anything certain about life it is the uncertainty of life. Most peoples ‘childhood aspirations have been cut short and their minds bitterly stung and uttered by the fangs of pain. Passing through circumstances capable of changing one’s destiny at a young age can be extremely devastating. Such people need a re_orientation.
    On the other hand, for some. The reason they’ve not lived their dreams is due to wrong influence. As they grow they meet the wrong people, they jump on the same horse and gallop off wildly to make a reck of their own lives.


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