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Bisco is a high-performance coach, a personal finance strategist and an online business consultant. As a pro-blogger, I can help you succeed in or taking your business online.

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    Great post Bisco.
    I totally agree with you.
    Money can’t overrule your dreams. Living your dreams actually happiness and money can’t buy happiness. Money can only buy material possessions.

    One of the reasons why people are not living their dreams is the fear of taking a bold step out of their comfort zones. The fear of rejection and the fear of failure are the reasons people remain in their comfort zones.

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      Bisco Ibitade

      Very true Izuzu, many people are scared of leaving their comfort zones. When this fear is casted out, more will be achieved. I appreciate your visit and comment. Much love!

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    Steven Justice

    Nice one Bisco Ibitade… I totally agree with you that we all had blossoming dreams when we were gay. But then, if there is anything certain about life it is the uncertainty of life. Most peoples ‘childhood aspirations have been cut short and their minds bitterly stung and uttered by the fangs of pain. Passing through circumstances capable of changing one’s destiny at a young age can be extremely devastating. Such people need a re_orientation.
    On the other hand, for some. The reason they’ve not lived their dreams is due to wrong influence. As they grow they meet the wrong people, they jump on the same horse and gallop off wildly to make a reck of their own lives.

    1. 2.1

      Bisco Ibitade

      What more Can I say, you’ve crowned it all. I always appreciate your insight on our discussions Steven, thanks once more for the visit and comment.


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