Power of the tongue-the helm of your life

Power of the tongue-the helm of your life

I might not be a sailor,but we need no rocket scientist to explain to us how ships are controlled. A ship can be as big as the size of four (4) Boeing 747 air crafts (that’s is size of the ill fated Titanic which wrecked in 1912). As big as it can be, it’ll take a heavy and violent wind to toss it about,but then it needs only a small helm to change its direction.Even the holy bible expresses this clearly.
The same is the power which lies in our tongue. A big as our body can be,as vast as our knowledge can be, no matter how long we’re going to live,the role of our tongue (albeit small) in our all round success can never be over emphasized. What we say to ourselves matters a lot in what our brain believes and key into. Our brain is very wonderful and permit me to say it is addictive. It gets addicted to whatever you repeat over time. This explains why habits are what they are. Easily formed(effortlessly), yet not too
easy to break.
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power of the tongue

What do you say to yourself. What are you training your brain with? Whatever you say to your mind,it accepts it as correct and true

if you tell your mind repeatedly that this colour is yellow,with time,it starts to believe it

profess positive things to yourself,say good things about your self….” I’m great,I’m wonderful, I’M incredibly gifted, I’ve got terrific abilities…” etc stop telling yourself ”i I’ve failed again, this is my portion, I’m a failure, I can never afford this, non in my family ever attained this height’…etc
Positive speaking doesn’t take positive effects immediately, like the helm we talked about at the begining of this post, once the direction of the helm is changed the direction of the ship doesn’t change, until the helm is ‘locked’ into that position. Relating this with our mind, the effect of positive thoughts or speeches doesn’t manifest until the mind is convinced.(the mind wants to be sure if you really mean what
you profess) so it waits for you to repeatedly speak the same positive things before it attracts the results.
Even the good book said in about out tongue…’even the tongue though been small boasted great things’…(paraphrased).
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Use your tongue to attract success to yourself. The law of attraction states that whatever you fix your heart upon and confess,mixed with emotions and energy,you’ll ultimately attract to yourself. This
explains why people who are obese and want to lose weight and continue saying to themselves ‘I’m too fat, I want to diet ‘cos my weight is too much’ instead of reducing in size, they either increase or at best remain the way they are. This is simply so because instead of focusing their minds on weight loss they’re focusing on weight gain. They should rather say ‘ I’m losing weight, I’m slimmer than I used to be’ and attract loss of weight to themselves. This is simply the power of speech(the law of attraction). Start confessing positive things to yourself and start seeing the results sooner or later.the king james bible talks alot about the power in the tongue

To your success.

Have I omitted anything? What do you think about this. How do you talk
to yourself? What do you say when you talk to yourself? Share with us
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