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How to build self-confidence in yourself

5 Groundbreaking Tips To Boost Self Confidence

If you’ve ever had confidence issues, you must have wondered How to build self-confidence in yourself again. About 85% of those people you see on...
Delayed gratification psychology

Simple but Priceless Lessons My Mothers’ Chicken Taught Me

What lesson can or have you been taught by a chicken or any animal? If you haven't, I have. The priceless lesson of delayed...
job without excuse

How to eliminate your job seeking excuses and failures

This article is directed to all undergraduates currently studying in any of the Nigerian universities, with an exception to some private universities undergraduate but...
End the year without results or goals

5 Reasons Why You Will End The Year Without Results

Foresight is the ability to see beyond the now. It's an ability that great people have. Good results are not attained in a day....
how to use your smartphones and smartphone

8 Signs You are Under using Your Smartphone

Over 60% of mobile users use a Smartphone. Smartphones have taken over the gadget market and an extension of these smartphones are the tablets...
is life a competition

But Then, Life is a Competition!

Is life a competition  to you or not? Many people believe that life is not a competition. A lot of these people when asked...
Playstation 4

Eight Applicable life lessons I have learnt from Play station

Although I love to play games, I never had the luxury of owning a console while growing up. As I grew, I began to...
undesirable conditions

four ways to get out of undesirable condtions

There is always that point in our life when we are faced with situations that seems there is no way out, but that is...
Habits of billionaires

Daily Success Habits of Billionaires

In the last couple of days, I have been disturbed repeatedly with the thoughts and habits of billionaires, how they achieved that status, sustain...
right to education

15 rights only you can confer on yourself

There are certain things which cannot be done for you. Many a time we blame the government, but most of the main things that...
really achieving your childhood dreams

Are you really achieving your childhood dreams? What happened to them?

When you hear of really achieving your childhood dreams what comes to your mind? What happened to your dreams, Your Passion, Your life? Growing up,...
Eat the rich

God has stopped being the giver of life?- Forbes Report

Eat the rich up or learn from them and live long. When I was in primary school, I was taught, and also in church...
friendship quotes

Sins Friends commit against each other

Friendship involves two people who have the same goals, purpose or lifestyle in common, it is also beautiful when the personality of these individuals...
living life

The dangers of living life to please others

We all live life and want to gain peoples recognition, respect and still retaining their approval. Most of the time we don’t pause to...
Hard work quotes

How to overcome tough times when facing challenges

Many at times people face tough challenges, and we know what they resort to, Grumbling, self pity and expecting the world to pity them....
Success languages

Four success languages you must learn how to speak

We all want to succeed, and that’s a good thing, we also have dreams which we hope would materialize, this also is a good...

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