My Doctors’ Report Almost Ended My Life

My Doctors’ Report Almost Ended My Life

My doctor

I have emphasized it countless times; that the report we believe in makes all the difference in our lives. In this post, I will show you how my doctor almost ruined my life, how I was almost condemned for death if not for my strong will and resilient belief system.

Time and time again, I have echoed it that our health care must not be joked with. We must take this part of our existence very importantly.

My story

Because of the nature of what I do (a blogger of course), I stay close to the computer most hour of the day, Many sleepless nights (this is the major concern for me), so I usually visit the hospital for checkup. On one of my visits, I complained of some sensations around my chest. After a series of test, I was given drugs, and the sensations will not stop. On one of my subsequent visits, my doctor recommended an ECG, and I agreed. The report was out immediately, and she told me, I had a heart condition. I couldn’t believe my ear.

Immediately, I began to think, “so I will soon die”. As those crazy thoughts flooded my mind, my philosophy gently found its way into my mind, and my heart (which was believed to be ‘sick’) asked me a question, “Whose report will you believe”? I paused for a second, and thought about it, whose report, mine or the Doctors’. I chose to be healthy, to be fine. She(the doctor) recommended I consult a cardiologist who will tell me the extent of the damage and recommend What I need (then in my mind I added “so it has gotten to the point of recommending if I needed surgery or just management?)

I left sad, I was thinking of a possible future which I will not be a part of. Some years back, I was depressed due to the fact that university admission was eluding me, So, I thought, will I slump into another depression? I continued to be hopeful, I asked myself a series of questions, and some nights before bed, I will say to myself, “I will sleep, and if I don’t wake, God accept my soul”.

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My Hope

In between my depressed moments, my strong belief would always find it way to my mind. Sometimes, my heart will just start singing a beautiful hymn, then I’ll start remembering the beautiful hymns I know, songs of life and hope. I’ll just start to experience Inner peace, joy and courage to face anything face life throws at me.

I refused to spread the “false” story, because I believed it was false and would change, I strongly believed. I didn’t tell my pastor, (I don’t want to be prayed for, I could pray for myself, call me stubborn).

I didn’t tell my girlfriend, I didn’t want to be pitied. I only told my parents and siblings because I might need their financial help at some point, and of course, someone should know about my health.

Good News

I braced up to visit the cardiologist, hoping to find a solution other than surgery (not that I’m scared of surgery or not in support of it, I just don’t think I’m psychologically prepared to face one now). I carried out another ECG, and “my heart condition” was missing. Are you kidding me? You mean I’m not going to die?(I must have asked that question). I carried out a series of test too( I’ve lost count), all confirming I’m in perfect health.

I was happy, I couldn’t contain my Joy. I was glad all the money I had spent was not to a dead end,( though I’d have loved to keep my money), because I spent a quite fortune- remembering the amount is almost making me cry, am happy in the end though, lessons learnt, experience gained- choose the report you believe in.

Was My Doctor Mistaken or Did faith work?

Remember I said I told my family members? Alright, two of my siblings called in to tell me they were praying for me, they gave me hope. They both told me my heart would be restored to normal, and assured me when next I go for my test, I wouldn’t see the condition.

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Truth is, I believed them, (but somewhere in my heart, I still found doubt). Even though I believe in God, I still believe we should do what is necessary, i.e see your doctor and obey every prescription and advice, after all doctors were mentioned in the bible.

Now I’m faced between two realities, or three,
I. Did faith work? Meaning God divinely restored my heart to normal
II. Was my Doctor mistaking, perhaps the machine was faulty, or she didn’t read the result well
III. Did stress influence the result my doctor saw? Because blogging was stressing the hell out of me, if this is true, then she might have seen the condition, then it disappeared because I’ve rested adequately for about one week.

At this point, I don’t care, I’m fine. Hale and hearty. And I want to think the past month is a testimony for someone.

Why this report?

I wouldn’t have exposed all these info but for my intention to encourage someone. Your doctors’ report is not final. It is subject to you. It only holds true and stands if you agree.
I won’t pose a saint to you and say “my faith didn’t falter”. I had times when I soaked my pillow with tears, I cried (Men cry too), not because I was weak, but because I was strong, I have dreams, I had plans.

I blackmailed God too, I asked him, what will happen to the billions of souls who have been assigned to be inspired by me? (haha, I don’t know if you see that as a blackmail, but I see it as one)

Whatever has been said of you, there is hope. No one has the right to tell you your death date.
Truth is, when I was told I had a heart condition, I started to fell funny, my body chemistry started to trick me into believing the issue is becoming worse, I once read about that phenomenon somewhere, and now I have a firsthand experience of it.
And after the final report and I was found free, the funny feelings have disappeared.

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Have faith in God, believe you will scale through that condition, and you will. Perhaps if I believed I would die, I might have died, not from LVH, but from mental or psychological suicide.

Over to you!

What do you have to say about my testimony? Do you think this is a miracle or a medical mistake or an issue influenced by stress? Is this worthy to be posted on such a blog or a total waste of space? would you suggest I change my doctor? Do you think LVH is a serious condition or is it just a minor condition which posses no threat to the heart(even though one stands risks of Stroke or a cardiac arrest)? Share your thoughts via the comment area below.


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