#MovieFriday- in focus today is Robin Hood-The movie and the lessons

#MovieFriday- in focus today is Robin Hood-The movie and the lessons

Hello there, today on movie Friday, am going to talk about the BBC TV series Robin Hood. This is my first shot at #MovieFriday and you are all welcome to send in your movie stories, lessons and how they inspired and affected you.
Robin Hood is a series of the BBC around 2006, and it borders around an English hero(Robin himself) and the bad rulers who attempted to seize power in the absence of the king to a holy war. They plotted to kill the king to prevent his return and when this proved abortive they attempted several other means.

Robin Hood gets us underway in our first #MovieFriday

Key figures  

Robin hood (of Locksley) acted by Jonas Armstrong
Much >Sam Troughton
Sheriff of Nottingham >Keith Allen
Lady Marian >Lucy Griffiths
Sir Guy (of Gisborne )a.k.a Gisborne >Richard Armitage
Djaq >Anjali Jay
(Willy, Allan, Little John, Tuck and Kate were all outlaws who were part of Robin’s gang).

Before the war, Robin was betrothed to Marian, the daughter of the now displaced sheriff(sir Edward), he left with the king to the war only to return alone with his servant(Much) because he took ill and was asked to return. Upon his return, he met a bad government. Over taxing the people, exhorting the people and killing them with reckless abandon. Being the lord of Locksley, he refused to play by the rules and remained committed to his people, Marian advised he pretend to avoid the wrath of the new sheriff but Robin would not compromise. (Marian too used to help the people, but she does that disguised as the night watch man, who comes out only at night to help the poor). But Robin openly confronted the bad Sheriff and would “steal from the rich to give to the poor”. His satisfaction only comes from seeing the poor smile. After several attempts on Robins life which he and his servant Much would always escape be a stroke of luck, Robin and Much took to the forest as their new abode(forsaking the luxurious lives they would have had, just for the people) and there they were arrested by a gang of outlaws(criminals) led by little John(don’t read meaning into that name, little John is a giant). And this outlaws would now join Robin in the fight against corruption.
A consignment was due to arrive, the sheriff has ordered for new slaves to work in the mine, and Robin Hood and his gang would intercept, free the slaves but not before the mine was destroyed and that was were the Gang met Djaq who was a Saracen,the leader of the slaves and she would join the gang in this long and exhaustive fight against the sheriff and the corrupt Prince John who also wants the king dead so as to replace him.
Djaq was a woman who looked like a man(she had Indian accent) , fought very well and knew science well, hence her importance to the gang. And she would later be the wife of Will, after Allan betrayed the gang, and came back to save them.
A drama series of forty five minutes and thirteen chapters in each of the three seasons.
If you desire humour, you’ll get enough of it from Much and the sheriff. They just wouldn’t stop making you laugh.

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Similarities between Robin and Gisborne .

They were from Noble and rich families. Robin’s dad was the Lord of Locksley and Gisbornes’ was lord of gisborne.
Robin was at the war front, same as Gisborne, although Gisborne went there in disguise to kill the king(his own king) he was working for the sheriff and the corrupt leaders.
They were both in love with the same lady- The beautiful Marian. She was betrothed to Robin, but somehow, Gisborne started to love her in Robin’s absence and he did love her so very much, but she loved only Robin and that was why they both got married even when she was dying.
Robin and Gisborne shared the same brother. Robin’s father got Gisborne’s mother pregnant while her husband was away to a war. And when he returned, Robin’s dad encouraged his banishment because he caught a disease-he became leprous (although I didn’t see the sign, I can’t Identify a leper).
Gisborne’s mother died from the push of Robin’s father while he and Gisborne’s dad were fighting, conversely Marian, Robin’s new wife died of Gisborne’s sword (he couldn’t stand her in another man’s arm, worse of all, his greatest enemy-Robin Hood).
They later united to bring back their lost half brothers and to destroy the corrupt leaders, and they both died on the same day too-first Gisborne, then Robin.
I rate the movie 98%. The archery, suspense, humour, lies, deceit, politics, Love, hate, skill…it’s just Robin Hood.

Lessons learnt and my inspirations from this .

Stand for a cause. Don’t pretend. The going might be tough but the end is bright and history never forgets.

The truth always. Nothing but the truth. No half truth or white lies. Truth is truth. Allan died because of his “half betrayal”.

Everybody is equal. Privileged or less privileged. That was one of Robin’s belief and motivation.

Love can be very real and strong. This was evident in both Gisborne and Robin towards the same girl-Marian.

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Stand by what you believe. Marian’s dad didn’t, he tried to pretend he was indifferent and he was ousted, imprisoned and later died when he made a single move to correct his weakness.

The wicked would always fall no matter how long.

The wicked have no peace. Time and again, Gisborne made us understand he was already in hell on earth.

Several other lessons, just be good and true to yourself. Robin hood is my first season film I’d watch all three seasons because of its grip on me (as old as I am). Good movie. Prior to now, I only watch at most season one. And I’ve only watch only about three or four of them including Robin hood.

I got so emotional seeing that lady Marian died, tear almost dropped from my eyes, and same happened when Robin died too. It felt to me as though it was happening in the real life. I felt pity for Much, a servant who became more than a friend to ROBIN, who could give up anything for him. (poor me!)

What do you think of this movie which I consider epic, which movie have you seen and think I would choose over this Robin hood? Which is your best season movie. Have you even seen this Robin hood? Tell me whatever your thoughts on this. Do share with us all. And subscribe to this blog for free so you don’t miss subsequent #MovieFriday (s)

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