Mediocre Parenting and self limiting beliefs:- Resetting your Mindset

Mediocre Parenting and self limiting beliefs:- Resetting your Mindset

Many if not all of us,love our parents. And our love for them makes us accept them as ‘Oracles’. Whatever they say,we either accept,do or believe,after all,the holy wise book says ‘honour your father and your mother,so that your days may be long. However many of our parents have ‘unconsciously’ made us non-entities, mediocres,wretched to say the least,All in the name of their love for us,their desire for them to make us out live them etc.

mediocre parenting and African witchcraft vs limiting beliefs

This post is not to rubbish the effort of our parents or to dent the image of these ‘innocent’ people who are willing to sacrifice everything for us to see us succeed,instead,it is to make us realize how wrong their approach is.

Parents tends to be conservative. (Sad to say this but pardon me) especially african parents. The time has come for you to reset your mindset,and break free from the ideas they sold to you in the name of
Many parents ‘curse’ their children,and this according to Shad Helmstetter is a program (as like a computer) which alters the belief and thinking systems a the child. No matter how mild,a curse is a curse. And this does not even show love.
Parents because of several reasons best known to them(selfish reasons) poison the minds of their children towards their relatives, call them all sort of names,give them bad tags,just to dissociate their children from their cousins or extended families. This builds a mindset of hate,resentment,disdain,lack of trust,cynicism to mention but a few. Many children have missed potential helpers because they didn’t relate well with their extended families. We must start resetting our mindset towards our families and extended families. Come to think of it,why would a witch hunt you?(this is one of their favorite reasons- voodooism, African witchcraft) you yet have not become as rich as Bill Gate,even if you were,I suppose you’re a christian,Muslim,Jew.Hindu,Buddha,ATR etc. So why are you any of these if you still fear lower powers? If you’re not any of these,then you’re an athieist,so why should you believe in this at all? Which ever of the divide you are,the fear of the unknown should be cast out of you. There is success in the unknown. Dive into it,enjoy the fear and risk and come out successful.


 Our parents also give us false ideas of our dreams and ambitions. When a young boy from a humble back ground shares his ambitions with his ‘mediocre’ parents,they’ll give him reasons why he should lower the bar,just because the did not attain that height,they see no way this young and promising young chap can. You hear statements like ”pep low,be careful,you’re too ambitious,what are you doing?,who are
you,I pity you,calm down,dont kill yourself,there’s no money,stop decieving yourself,you can’t,you wont,how can you?,who dash you?” Etc…these words create an idiosyncrasy,a self limiting belief in the child,as he starts to believe his parents. This is the time to eliminate self limiting beliefs
 Not only our parents,our schools too gives us bad ideas about our self,the teachers relegate us to the background,they use their standards to judge us. Our environment,religious establishments,even at times ourselves,but the time has come to break free from those limitations, truth is,you can succeed if you want, their vision of you is actually not you,they’re only seeing themselves reflecting in/from you. You hold
the real definition of yourself. And until you stop believing their lies,you’ll remain on a spot. Its not as if they hate you,its not as if your parents dont want you to succeed,but these thoughts that they’re passing to you was also passed to them,so if you’re not careful,you’ll pass it to the next generation(if you havent already

Stop believing negative ideas that are not your definition. Success, is relative,so you need to gi in search of your own success. Start now. Believe you can,and you will.

To your success!

Do you have anything to add? Disagree with any of these? What is your
take on this? how do you change limiting beliefs ? Do use the comment box below to share with us!

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