managing your managers

managing your managers


Many people have fallen victim of hatred and suffered rejection just because they are intelligent, or perhaps I should say they are better than their boss or leader.

No superior wants to have a follower that is “too good”…too intelligent and always takes the shine off him, you take the praise he/she was suppose to get and you expect he loves you and show you care?… I don’t think so.

So if you find yourself in this shoe, you are better than your leader, you take better discussions, have a “3D” mind and can almost foretell the outcome of any decision you also find yourself too outspoken so you cant keep these things to yourself? Here is a solution to what might cost you your job, love, respect and perhaps joy.Here are ideas to managing your managers

1.      Never you surpass the boss:  alright not as though you should suppress your talent, but you should do it wisely so as not to look too bossy than the boss. Give him your ideas in disguise so he’d feel comfortable around you while his intention is for him to hear your wise opinion. Don’t be too direct.

2.      Make mistakes: Yes make mistakes…make harmless mistakes and run to him for help…it’ll make him feel relevant, loved and respected. Watch how you do this, never you make a costly mistake and expect him to smile. Make sure these mistakes are ones you can easily fix yourself incase he fails to solve it for you

3.      Always give him credit: What ever achievement, which ever milestone you reach under him or her, learn to always give him the credit. Everybody wants to be associated with success and success stories, so when you’re celebrating one, give him credit.

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4.      Ask for help: Just ask for his help on certain things. He’ll be glad to render any assistance to you. Don’t make this a habit. It should be once in a blue moon.

5.      Remember his dates: you’re not requesting for a date if you are on the opposite sex, you just want to make him feel special. Whether its his birthday, wedding anniversary et al just make sure you send a text(at least) to show him love, he needs it too

Well these are five ways to make your boss, who would have been insecureat your presence gain confidence and respect you.So you know about managing your managers I hope you find it useful.

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